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"Mi shenichnas Adar marbim b'simchah"

"When (the month of) Adar begins, joy increases"
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Every page has a direct link to the Hebrew words of the song even if it has not yet been transliterated or translated.
Ani Purim Leitsanim Ktanim  
Chag Purim Leitsan Katan Nechmad
Chag Purim (2) Lichvod Purim
Chag Purim Higi'a Mischak Purim
Chag Purim Hineh Ba Pizmon Lepurim
Chag Purim Sheli Pur Purim
Erev Purim Sason Viykar
Haleitsan Shir Hakova'im
Hara'ashan - The Noisemaker Shir Hamasechot
Hava netzeh bimachol Shir Hara'ashan
Hayom Purim Shiru Purim
Hayom Purim Lanu Shoshanat Ya'akov
Hora Agadati Ten Katef
Im Hashachar Utzueitza
Ksheharabi Mezamer Yom Tov Lanu
Kshenich'nas Adar  
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Kacha Yeyaseh--Al Hanisim--Venahafoch Hu--Layehudim Hayta Orah--U Mordechai Yatsa
Chayav Inish--Utzu Eitzah

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Ani Purim - Chag Purim
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Hava Netzeh Bemachol
Hora Agadati
Im Hashachar
Rondo Lepurim
Some dances on this list include suggestions from the Rikud chat list which we attribute with thanks.
Al Hanisim
The dance and music pertain to the first line of the special prayer recited on Purim or Hanukkah.

The body of the prayer has differentiation to specifically address Purim or Channukah, but except for the references to the particular holiday (2-4 lines of a 15+ line prayer), the rest of the text of the prayer is identical. Included in both Birkat Hamazon and daily/Shabbat liturgy (only Hannukah can fall on Shabbat).
Many thanks to Mickey, Barbara, Michael, Steve, from the Rikud Chat list for this suggestion.
Chapter 1, v 7 of the book of Esther shows that her name is Hadassah:
"And he had brought up Hadassah, that is Esther"

Ahavat Hadassah - Eliyahu Gamliel

Ahavat Hadassah #2 - Rivka Sturman

Hadassah Esther - Shmulik Gov Ari
Since Purim took place in Shushan, between the Tigris and Eurphrates rivers,
there is the dance: Bein Nehar Prat Vechidekel - by Yankele Levy
Many thanks to Gary Fox from the Rikud Chat list for these suggestions

The Purim tradition in my session on Long Island (in addition to Al Hanissim) is the line dance to Siman She'ata Tzair (Eliyahu Gamliel 1979).

The original song is "Whiskey in the Jar" - an Irish drinking song - somewhat appropriate - at least the drinking part. :) Recorded by the Clancy Brothers.
Additionally, aside from it just being a fun dance, it is a mitzvah on Purim to drink enough that one can't tell the difference between Blessed be Mordechai and cursed be Haman.

Since a drink or 2 is part of the Purim tradition, any songs having to do with wine would also work!

Hora Yayin

Many thanks to Honey Goldfein from the Rikud Chat list for these suggestions
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