Tzlil, tzlil, tzlil,
Mitznefet li ugdil,
Al yakum ish mimkomo,
Mis’chak Purim mat’chil.
La la la….

Achat, shtayim, shalosh,
Ani Achashverosh,
Sharvit zahav li bayad,
Veketer al harosh.

Lechulanu, lechulanu,
Keter al harosh,
Kol echad mei’itanu
Hu Achashverosh.

Malkah Esther ani,
Vezer zahav yesh li,
Yod’im atem mi dodi?
Mordechai hayehudi.

Lechulanu, lechulanu,
Al rosheinu zer,
Kol achat mei’itanu
Hi malkah Esther.

Ani hu Mordechai,
T’chelet begadai.
Oznei Haman vera’ashanim
Heveiti l’y’ladai.
La la la….

Vegam ani ashir,
Heveiti sus abir,
Et Mordechai hayehudi
Arkiv bir’chov ha’ir.
La la la….

Flap, flap snap,
Go my fan and tassel,
No-one’s to get up again,
Let the Purim game begin!
La la la….

One, two, three…
Ahasuerus King am I,
Sceptre of gold in hand I hold
And on my head a crown.

All of us, all of us can wear
A crown upon our heads,
And all of us today,
King Achashverosh can be.

Queen Esther am I,
In coronet of gold arrayed ,
And my uncle is, can you say?
Why, the Jew Mordechai!

All of us, all of us can wear
A coronet upon our heads
And all of us today,
Queen Esther can be.

Mordechai am I
In royal blue finery,
Hamantaschen and rattles do
I bring for children all.
La la la….

And wealthy too am I:
This knightly steed I lead,
And Mordechai the Jew will I
Parade for all to see.
La la la….


îùç÷ ôåøéí

Hebrew words

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Words transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Words translated by Gila Ansell Brauner of Jerusalem, Israel.
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