Eurovision 2023 took place in Liverpool, United Kingdom (instead of Ukraine):
United by Music: 9, 11 & 13 May 2023

Israel won in Lisbon 2018 with TOY sung by Netta Barzilai

The words to TOY


In 2023 Australia came 9th - Israel came 3rd
In 2022 Australia came 15th - Israel came 30th
In 2021 Australia came 34th - Israel came 17th
In 2020 Eurovision was cancelled
In 2019 Australia came 9th - Israel came 23rd
In 2018 Australia came 20th - Israel came first
In 2017 Australia came 9th - Israel came 23rd
In 2016 Australia came 2nd - Israel came 9th
In 2015 Australia came 5th - Israel came 14th

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Israel's top placed entries:

Diva won first place in 1998
Halleluyah won first place in 1979
Abanibi won first place in 1978

Kan came in 3rd in 1991
Chai came in 2nd in 1983
Hora came in 2nd in 1982

Israeli Artists

Israel's Songs

Israel's 2023 entry:  Noa Kirel
Song: Unicorn
Israel's song made it into the finals, coming 3rd
Israel's 2022 entry:  Michael Ben David
Song: I.M.
Israel did not make the finals.
Israel's 2021 entry:  Edene Alene
Song: Set Me Free
Israel's song made it into the finals, coming 17th
Israel's 2019 entry:-  Kobi Marimi
Song: Home
Israel's song made it into the finals, coming 23rd
Israel's 2018 entry:  Netta Barzilai
Song: Toy
Israel's song WON!
Israel's 2017 entry: Imri
Song: I Feel Alive
Israel's song made it into the finals, coming 23rd
Israel's 2016 entry: Hovi Star      
Song: Made of Stars
Israel's song made it into the finals, coming 14th
Israel's 2015 entry: Nadav Guedj        
Song: Golden Boy
Israel's song made it into the finals, coming 9th
Israel's 2014 entry: Mei Finegold
Song: Same Heart
Israel's 2013 entry: Moran Mazor
Israel's 2012 entry: Izabo
Song: Time

Israel's 2011 entry: Dana International

Song: Ding Dong
Israel's 2010 entry: Harel Skaat
Song: Milim
Of the 25 finalists, Israel came 14th with 71 points.
Israel's 2009 entry: Harel Skaat

Israel's 2008 entry: Boaz Mauda

Song: Ke'ilu Kan
Israel's 2007 entry: Teapacks
Song: Push the Button
Israel participated in the semi-final in Helsinki on May 10, 2007 but the song did not make it into the final.
Israel's 2006 entry: Eddie Butler
Song: Ze Hazman
Israel's 2005 entry: Shiri Maimon
Israel came FOURTH
Israel's 2004 entry: David D'or
Song: Lehaamin
Israel did not make the finals, but the 2004 winner was Ruslana from the Ukraine with her song "Wild Dances"  - which is now a popular Israeli line dance!
Israel's 2003 entry: Lior Narkis
Israel's 2002 entry: Sarit Hadad
Israel's 2001 entry: Tal Sondak
Song: Ein Davar
Israel's 2000 entry: Ping Pong
Song: Sameyach
Israel's 1999 entry: Eden
Israel's 1998 entry: Dana International
Song: Diva
Israel's 1995 entry: Liora
Song: Amen
Israel's 1993 entry: Lakahat Shiru
Song: Shiru
Israel's 1992 entry: Dafna
Israel's 1991 entry: Duo Datz
Song: Kan
Israel's 1990 entry: Rita
Israel's 1989 entry: Gili ve Galit
Israel's 1988 entry: Yardena Arazi
Song: Ben Adam
Israel's 1987 entry: Datner & Kushnir
Israel's 1986 entry: Moti Galadi & Sarai Tzuriel
Song: Yavoh Yom
Israel's 1985 entry: Izhar Cohen
Song: Oleh Oleh
Israel's 1983 entry: Ofra Haza
Song: Chai
Israel's 1982 entry: Avi Toledano
Song: Hora
Israel's 1981 entry: Habibi
Song: Halailah
Israel's 1979 entry: Milk & Honey
Israel's 1978 entry: Izhar Cohen & the Alphabeta
Song: Abanibi
Israel's 1977 entry: Ilanit
Israel's 1976 entry: Chocolate, Menta, Mastik
Israel's 1975 entry: Shlomo Artzi
Song: At Va'ani
Israel's 1974 entry: Poogy
Israel's 1973 entry: Ilanit
Song: Ei sham


Eurovision year

Contest held in


2023 Liverpool, United Kingdom Sweden
2022 Turin, Italy Ukraine
2021 Rotterdam, Netherlands United Kingdom
2019 Tel Aviv, Israel Netherlands
2018 Lisbon, Portugal Israel
2017 Kiev, Ukraine Portugal
2016 Stocholm, Sweden Ukraine
2015 Vienna, Austria Sweden
2014 Copenhagen, Denmark Austria
2013 Malmo, Sweden Denmark
2012 Baku, Azerbaijan Sweden
2011 Dusseldorf, Germany Azerbaijan
2010 Oslo, Norway Germany
2009 Russia Norway
2008 Belgrade, Serbia Russia
2007 Helsinki, Finland Serbia
2006 Athens, Greece Finland
2005 Kiev, Ukraine Greece
2004 Istanbul, Turkey Ukraine

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