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My Happy Occasions - Smachot
This album by Israeli diva Rita is her 10th album and includes Persian songs from the singer’s childhood in Farsi and Hebrew. The album also contains collaborations with Ami Rice of "Knessiat HaSechel" (Mind Church) and other musicians like Ran Almaliah. This album includes a song sung by Rita’s mother and sisters in Farsi. The album is an essential addition to the Mizrachi music lover’s collection.

Hints - Remazim - 2008
This album by Rita entitled "Hints" is the Israeli pop music phenomenon’s bestselling releases and features the singles "Waiting", "Teach Me to Dance" and "Living by the Water". The album also includes performances with Idan Raichel and Oded Arbiv and has 11 songs with different speeds and energy levels. The album is a great addition to a collection of modern Israeli music.

One - 2006

Oxygen - Chamtsan - 2003
Hamofa Hameshutaf - Rita and Rami On Stage - 2001
Time for Peace - 2000
Open the Window - Tiftach Chalon - 1999
Milestones - Tachanot Bizman - 1996
Great Love - Ahava Gdola - 1994
Days of Innocence - Yamei Hatom - 1988
Breaking Those Walls - (English Album) - 1987
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