Od bayamim harishonim shel hahistoriah
Ksheha’olam haya kayam rak bate’oria
Velo hivdilu bein machar, shilshom ve’emesh,
Hayu ravim eifo keday lasim ‘t’hashemesh,
Ach davar echad huskam,
Im akshan haben-adam.
Ein sikui, ein pizui,
ze ma shekarah.

Natati la chayay
Yaradti al birkay
Ya’aminu li kulam,
lamadti ma ze stam, vene’elavti.

Me’az avru harbeh gsharim me’al hamayim
Ukvar hispiku le’amtzi t’hatzo’orayim,
od lo yad’u hem al haglobus, ma tzura lo,
im meruba hu, im agol, o eich sheba lo,
ach davar echa yad’u,
ve et ze miyad kav’u,
im sirvah – ein tikvah,
ze ma shekarah.


Hayom timtzah shehanoseh lechol vikuach
Hu ma ba kodem habeitzah o hatapuach,
echad omer shenigmarim lo hashamayim,
ksheyesh maspik avir le medinah o shtayim.
Ulay bechol zot nistader,
He tirzeh az nitgaber,
Hi man’a kol gishah
Ze ma shekarah kshe…



Already in the first days of history,
When the world existed only in theory,
When they din’t make difference between tomorrow, the day before yesterday and yesterday night,
And they were quarreling about where to put the sun,
Ther was agreement on one thing:
Whether the human being is stubborn.
No chanche, no compensation,
This is what happened:

I gave her my life,
I fell on my knees,
Everyone will believe,
I learnt what’s worthless, and I felt hurt.

Since then many bridges passed over water,
They had time even to invent the noon.
They didn’t know yet about the globus, and its form,
Whether it is square, or round, or… as it pleases to be,
But one thing they knew,
And that they stated immediately:
She refused – no Hope.
This is what happened:

I gave her my life…

Today you will find that the argument in every… argument
Is about if there was before the egg or the apple,
One says that the sky is ending for him,
When there is enough air for just one or two countries.
Perhaps we will manage, after all,
If she wants, we shall overcome,
She blocked every approach,
This is what happened, when

I gave her my life…

ðúúé ìä çéé

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Words transliterated and translated by Daniel Shalev of Rishon Le Zion, Israel.
Singable Italian translation by Daniel Shalev of Rishon Le Zion, Israel.
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Singable Italian


Nei primi giorni della Storia, andati via,
quando la Terra c’era solo in teoria,
l’oggi e il domani non facevan differenza,
dov’era il sole non sapeva ancor la scienza,
ma sapevano di già
che la donna è Vanità:
dice: “Si!”, Dice: “No!”,
vattela a capir...

Le ho dato la mia vita,
le ho chiesto anche la mano,
però l’ho fatto invano:
m’ha detto sempre: ”No!”.
Chissà perché?

Passò col tempo tanta acqua sotto i ponti,
ed inventarono il meriggio, i mari e i monti,
non si sapeva ancor che forma avesse il mondo,
se fosse ovale, fosse cubico o rotondo,
ma sapevan, questo sì
che la donna è un po’ così:
dice: “No!”, dice: “Si!”,
vattela a capir...

Le ho dato...

Ancora oggi senti in ogni discussione
se c’era stato prima l’uovo od il cappone.
C’è chi ti dice che bisogna amare i brutti,
c’è ci ti dice che non c’è posto per tutti.
Ma se noi ci sforzerem
questo mondo salverem,
solo noi, senza lei,
se non vuol venir...

Le ho dato...

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