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Transliterated Title Translated Title Singer/s
A Beymele  Yiddish - A Young Tree   
A Bisl Libe, Un A Bisele Glik  Yiddish - A Little Love And A Little Luck  Various 
A Brivele Der Mamen  Yiddish - A Little Letter To Mom  Tzipi   
A Chaseneh Tants  Yiddish - A Wedding Dance  Theodore Bikel
Jan Peerce 
A Lid Likvod Purim (Kuni Lemel Dance)  Yiddish - A Song In Honour Of Purim  Various
Lori Cahan-Simon 
A Maydele Von Tel Aviv  A Girl From Tel Aviv     
A Mensch Mit A Hitl  Yiddish - A Man With A Hat  Dudu Fisher   
A Mol Iz Geven A Melech  Yiddish - Once There Was A King  folk?   
A Shtumer Protest  A Silent Protest     
A Vu Bistu Geven?  Where Have You Been?  Anne Shnayder
Janice Rubin And Friends 
A Yiddishe Chasene  A Yiddishe Chasene  Julie Andrews   
Abi Gezunt  Yiddish - As Long As You're Well     
Aleh Brider  All Brothers     
Aleh Mentshn Zaynen Brider  Yiddish - All People Are Brothers  Various   
Amol Iz Geven A Mayse  Yiddish - Once There Was A Tale  Tanja Solnik   
Az Der Rebbe Zingt  Yiddish - When The Rabbi Sings     
Bay Mir Bistu Sheyn  Yiddish - To Me You Are Lovely  Neil Sedaka
Beltz, Mayn Shtetele Beltz  Yiddish - Beltz, My Little Town Of Beltz  Tzipi   
Chasof  Bare  Mordechai Ben David   
Crotona Park  Yiddish - Kretone Park  Various   
Der Alter Tsigayner  Yiddish - The Old Gypsy     
Der Dishvasher  Yiddish - The Dishwasher     
Der Nayer Sher  Yiddish - The New Sher     
Der Rebe Elimelekh  Yiddish - The Rabbi Elimelekh  Alan Scheer
Di Grine Kuzine  Yiddish - The Greenhorn Cousin     
Di Mizinke Oysgegeben  Yiddish - The Youngest Daughter's Wedding   
Dos Lid Fun Broyt  Yiddish - The Song Of Bread     
Dos Lid Fun Der Goldener Pave  The Song Of The Golden Peacock  The Burstein Family on the album Di Megile fun Itzik Manger   
Du Shaynst Vi Di Zun  Yiddish - You Shine Like The Sun     
Es Brent  Yiddish - It Is Burning  Dudu Fisher   
Friling  Yiddish - Springtime  Chava Alberstein   
Geven Di Tseit  Yiddish - Those Were The Days     
Guter Zikorn  Yiddish - Good Memory  Chava Alberstein   
Her Nor, Du Sheyn Meydele  Yiddish - Just Listen, You Pretty Girl  Various   
Ich Wandere Durch Theresienstadt  I Walk Trough Theresienstadt     
Ikh Bin A Boarder Bay Mayn Vayb  Yiddish - I'm A Boarder     
Ikh Undi Velt  When The Whole World Is In Sorrow     
Ikh Vil Es Hern Nokh A Mol  Yiddish - I Want To Hear It Again     
Ikh Zing  Yiddish - For You I Sing     
Khanuke  Yiddish - Chanukkah  Various
Lori Cahan-Simon 
Leyg Dayn Kop Af Mayne Kni  Put Your Head On My Knees  Misha Alexandrovich   
Lomir Zikh Iberbetn  Yiddish - Let's Make Up  The 24th Street Klezmer! Band   
Margaritkalach  Yiddish - Daisies  Theodore Bikel
Chava Alberstein 
Mazl  Yiddish - Good Fortune     
Mekhuteineste Mayne  Yiddish - My Mother-In-Law  Folk   
Melokhe Melukhe  Yiddish - Salty Labour  Chava Alberstein   
My Yiddishe Mameh  Yiddish - My Jewish Mother  Dudu Fisher (Track 15)
Cantor Malavsky And Choir (track 8)
The Barry Sisters (track 12)
Billie Holiday (disk 5 Track 21,22) 
Nisht Gedaiget  Yiddish - Not To Worry  Avraham Fried   
Oy Dortn  Yiddish - Over Yonder     
Oy, A Nakht A Sheyne  Yiddish - Oh, What A Beautiful Night  Various   
Transliterated Title Translated Title Singer/s
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