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Jewish Music Website

Sites in alphabetical order
Acappella Jewish groups website
Archive of Israeli Music
Center for Israeli music and musical life founded in 1977.
The archive includes material from personal estates and institutional archives.
Chazzanut Online
Comprehensive site on Jewish Liturgical Music (chazzanut), with a large collection of cantorial music scores, midi sound, annotated links and background information.
Hava Nashira
The Hava Nashira website is an outgrowth of the annual Hava Nashira Jewish Songleaders workshop in the United States.
The site serves as a resource for Jewish songleaders, but, beyond that serves as an online resource for all people involved in teaching and leading Jewish music, whether at camps, congregations, or community centers.
There is an affiliated discussion list where songleaders, songwriters, Jewish musicians and performers, cantors, music teachers, educators and more share and learn from one another.

Hebrew Song & Poetry Web Ring
Websites devoted to Scripture, songs, poetry, literature that was originally written in Hebrew or Aramaic, and artists, writers, poets who have sung or written in Hebrew or Aramaic languages.
Some outstanding links including transliteration and translation of the words to the Mourners Kaddish.

Hebrew University:
The National Sound Archives Digitization Project

Jewish National and University Library - Givat Ram, Jerusalem, Israel
The National Sound Archives at the JNUL contain more than 7000 hours of recorded music representing all Jewish and Israeli communities.
The entire archive is now being systematically digitized which will insure both preservation of the materials and better access for researchers.
Hip Hop
A mixture of Rap and R&B - in Hebrew
Jerusalem of Gold website
Devoted to the song Yerushalayim Shel Zahav
Jewish Agency for Israel - "Lashir Ivrit" - Music Links
A great list of links including Music web links, Israeli singers, and Israeli Recording Companies and Online Stores.

Jewish Folk
A beautiful website with many Yiddish song words and stories
Jewish Liturgical Music
The site for Jewish Liturgical Music, shul music, hazanut, shabbat zmirot,
choral music, synagogue music.
Jewish Music Institute
The British site for music education and information.
Includes their own label, Jewish Music Heritage Recordings, which is building a catalogue of important recordings representing the diversity of Jewish musical heritage.
Jewish Music Research Centre
Part of the Faculty of Humanities at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Dedicated to the documentation, research and publication of scholarly materials about Jewish music. The main task of the JMRC consists of collecting and studying all documents pertaining to the musical traditions and the musical life of Jewish communities, past and present.
Jewish Music Web Centre
A forum for gathering and presenting information on
academic, organizational, and personal activities in Jewish music today.
Supports the enjoyment, study, creation and pursuit of knowledge of Jewish music.
Great website of a very talented American duo. Includes lyrics and chord charts to their own compositions, as well as traditional Shabbat songs with a new take.
Judaica Music Rescue Project
In the process of creating a world class collection of vintage Judaica music by encouraging individuals, synagogues and organizations to contribute their music collections.
Over 6000 songs in their 78-rpm collection, which is searchable on the website. This list on the website is updated monthly.
There are over 2300 LP albums registered in their LP database.
Future enhancements to the website will include the ability to play snippets of songs, view the original record labels, and see complete database information for each song.

Judaica Sound Archives (JSA)

JSA is located at the Florida Atlantic University in South Florida, USA..
It is a remarkable project!
You can listen to a growing number of historical Jewish recordings on their website. This interesting and growing project is always seeking donations of recorded Jewish music of all descriptions.

Judith Cohen website
Dr. Judith R. Cohen is a performer and ethnomusicologist specializing in Judeo-Spanish ("Ladino") Sephardic songs, as well as in medieval and traditional music, including Balkan, Portuguese, Yiddish, and French Canadian.
A page of reference articles by Judith Cohen
Kdam Eurovision
The "pre-Eurovision" with all details of Israel's 2002 song.
Kharkov Klezmer Band
Klezmer is alive and well in the Ukraine.
Who would have believed it.
Kikar Israel
A fantastic resource in English about Israeli Artists and albums
Australia's leading Klezmer band
If it's Klezmer, it's here.
If it's not here - it's not Klezmer!
Peter & Ellen Allard
Specialising in music for young children
Rahel Jaskow's "Day of Rest" CD
"Rahel's clear, bell-like voice and harmonious vocal arrangements
guide the listener to a quiet, tranquil place and make the spirit soar."
Rami Bar Niv website.
Rami is an Israeli concert pianist and composer.
The site has free master classes, mp3 plays, song delivery,
sample music albums, downloads, musical greeting cards, streaming audio,
and Internet audio juke-box. Varied music.
Sefarad Records
Sephardic music resource website.
Includes new album "Sing to the Eternal" featuring spiritual songs from Morocco, Persia, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Spain and Portugal as well as original songs composed by Gerard Edery and based on sacred texts. Sung in English, Hebrew, Ladino and Arabic.
Songs of Modzitz
Hear many of the wonderful tunes that have become classics of Jewish music.
The Essential Klezmer:
A Music Lover's Guide to Jewish Roots and Soul Music
which the New York Times called "invaluable" and Jewish Week termed "indispensable." by Seth Rogovoy
The Felicja Blumental Music Center & Library
Click here to read about this extraordinary music library in Tel Aviv

Listen To Music Online

Sites in alphabetical order
David Ben Gurion reads Israel's Declaration of Independence
"Hassidic Capella" The Moscow Male Jewish Choir
Russia's leading Jewish a cappella choral ensemble
Listen to tracks:
Va Havieynu
Ki Lekah Toiv
Israel Gimel - Free Midi Library
Online Jewish Radio Station
Israeli Songs by Radio Falafel
Erets Free France Chansons

Other Songwords Websites

Jacob Richman's My Hebrew Songbook
Songwords in Hebrew print
Ofra Haza Song Lyrics
Service/Song Archive by Daniel Macks
Zemerl - The Princeton University Jewish Song Database
This groundbreaking site paved the way for the work of Hebrew Songs dot com, and we acknowledge with thanks the support and encouragement of its creator, Inna Barmash
We are including all known sites on the internet, even if they are no longer active.
We would like to acknowledge the work of everyone who has a love for Hebrew music.
Please feel free to send us any site that is not listed here.

Global Music Sites of Interest

AstroCappella: A Musical Exploration of the Universe
AstroCappella is a marriage of astronomy and music,
developed by astronomers and professionally recorded
by the a cappella group The Chromatics.
Beethoven - Complete Piano Sonatas
Read about the three year project to record

all of Beethoven's piano works by an Australian pianist.
Listen to samples of four of the sonatas.
A site not to be missed. 

Jewish Humour Audio Sites

You Don't Have to be Jewish
A Call from Long Island
Title: A Call From Long Island - You Don't Have To Be Jewish
Actors: Betty Walker & Arlene Golonka
Copyright: 1992 Bob Booker Productions
The Reading of the Will
Title: The reading Of The Will - You Don't Have To Be Jewish
Actors: Jack Gilford, Lou Jacobi, J. Kannon, A. Golonka, B. Walker
Copyright: 1992 Bob Booker Productions
Allan Sherman
Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh
Title: Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh! - The Best of Allan Sheman
Author: Allan Sherman
Copyright: 1988 Rhino Records Inc.
For more Humour links, go to
and click on Audio Library - Humour

Reviews & Articles of Interest

Jews and Blues
A discussion of how Jewish and African American music
came together in the early part of the 20th century.
Radio Hazak - Israeli Music on the Web
Reviews of Israeli albums from the Israeli press and RadioHazak.

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