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Publisher's Message

We thank all our readers for your positive feedback.

YiddishSongsOnlne.com is constantly a work in progress.

This means some of the translations are not yet complete, or not yet as good as we'd like them to be, while other details are still to be researched.

But the response from lovers of Yiddish song from all over the world has been so postive, that we are grateful for all of the songs our readers have sent to us, including links to songwords on other web sites.

Over time we will correct and fine-tune.

All corrections and amendments are happily received.

Meanwhile, please enjoy the first stages of our wonderful new project.


Aura Levin Lipski

Legal Disclaimer

Yiddish Songs Online.com is an information and education website that is not run for profit.

Its sole purpose is to bring to life many beloved Yiddish songs by transliterating and translating their words into English.

Every reasonable effort has been made to track down the authorship of the lyrics and music of each song on this site.

In those cases where no attribution is given, this is because our search for authorship was unsuccessful.

Similarly, we have attributed the sources of all audio files and the website links of the sites which have provided them.

Yiddish Songs Online.com is ready to add any further information on any song or audio file available through our site.

We encourage all interested readers to purchase original songbooks, in English or Yiddish, where available, and we provide the links to direct them to all the major Jewish music publishing sites worldwide.

Where possible, we also provide the links to CDs on which the song is located so our readers can purchase the music and keep supporting Jewish composers, lyricists and artists.

Please email the publisher with any queries or suggestions.


Aura Levin Lipski, Publisher
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