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The festival of Sukkot has FOUR names:
CHAG HA SUKKOT = Festival of Booths (Tabernacles)
CHAG HA'ASIF = Holiday of Gathering
ZMAN SIMCHATEINU - Our Time for Celebration
HA'CHAG = The Festival
SONGS for Sukkot

The most famous and instantly recognised Sukkot song
is the late Naomi Shemer's Shlomit Bona Suka 

Other Sukkot songs - in alphabetical order

Asif / E'esof Et Hama'asim
Basukah Shelanu
Chag Asif
Chag Asif Same'ach
Hazor'im Bedim'ah / Berinah Yik'tzoru Patish Masmer
Hazor'im Bedim'ah (2) Rov Brachot
Keresh Mot Shir Asif
Lasukah Sheli Shir Asif (2)
Malu Asameinu Bar Sukati Hasukah
Orchim Lachag Vehitifu Heharim Asis
DANCES for Sukkot
Basukah Shelanu Partner dance 1988 Shulamite Kivel
Bonim Sukkah 1988 Shulamite Kivel
Der Flax Tantz Partner dance Folk
Hakotzrim / Lakotzrim Heydad Partner dance 1948 Gurit Kadman
Hazor'im Bedim'ah / Berinah Yik'tzoru Line dance 1958 Rivka Sturman
Malu Asameinu Bar Partner dance 1953 Ze'ev Chavatzelet
Patish Masmer - Sukot Line dance 2002 Levi Bar Gil
Rov Brachot* Circle dance 1958 Leah Bergstein
Shlomit Bona Suka Partner dance 1992 Yoram Rachmany
Shlomit Bona Suka Circle dance 1986 Shlomo Maman
Sukat Shalom Circle dance 2005 Moshe Telem
Vehitifu Heharim Asis Circle dance 1944 Rivka Sturman

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Succot Melodies From Around the World
from from the Hebrew University's National Library

A selection of traditional songs and liturgical melodies connected to the holiday.
The selection includes melodies pertaining to Succot (including Hoshana Raba) and Simchat Torah, including the prayer for rain.

Among the pieces which can be heard on the site are those from
Hassidic, Samaritan, Ashkenazi and Sephardi communities in Israel
and tunes from other countries such as
India, Afghanistan, Yemen, Tunisia, Morocco, Iraq,
Lithuania, Georgia, Bulgaria, Italy and Greece.

The National Sound Archives of the Jewish National and University Library
was established in 1964 as the music department of the Jewish National and University Library.

The archives records and preserves the musical traditions of the various ethnic Jewish communities within Israel and throughout the Jewish world, as well of non-Jewish communities in Israel.

The Succot “treat” from the library is part of the ongoing David and Fela Shapell Family Digitization Project, which is intended to make the library's collections more accessible to the public worldwide

Classic Jewish Holiday & Shabbat Songs sung by Theodore Bikel

includes Lama Sukkah Zu  Track 3
Hebrew words
Hebrew song lyrics for Sukkot
For a variety of Sukkot songs
printed in Hebrew click here
My Hebrew Songbook
Songs include:
BaSukah Shelanu
Shlomit Bonah Sukkat Shalom

*Many thanks to Haim Kaufman of Rikuday Dor Rishon for the details of Rov Brachot.
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