Im telech el hashuk
tir'eh otah bochah
ishah yafah bein hapeirot
motzi'ah od mim'chatah

Haroch'lim lah tzo'akim
mah karah lach chamudah
zeh ahuvi she'lo rotzeh
hu matza lo na'arah

K'chi lach tapuchim ut'marim
ham'tiki et yomech
hu lo shaveh et hake'ev
shemitrotzetz etzlech balev

Hi ohevet et ha'ish
she'lo ohev otah
simlat prachim, lechayaim shoshanim
lecha lo mas'pikim

Atah rotzeh ishah plakat
bli nisayon chaim
atah rotzeh yaldah na'arah
kfu'ah uv'li k'matim

K'chi ...

Ve'hi po mechakah
bein duch'nei sh'vakim
she'atah tir'tzeh otah ahuvah
rak ksheno'ach umat'im

K'chi ...


If you'll go to the market
you'll see her crying
a pretty woman between the fruits
still taking out her handkerchief

The traders yell to her
what happened to you sweetie
it's my beloved that does not want
he found himself a young girl

Get yourself some apples and dates
sweeten up your day
he's not worth the pain
that runs about in your heart

She loves the man
tht does not love her
a skirt of flowers, cheeks of roses
they aren't enough for you

You want a poster woman
without life experience
you want a young girl
frozen and without wrinkles

Get ...

And she's here waiting
between market /stands
that you'll want her (as your) beloved
just when it's convenient and suitable

Get ...

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Eitan Glass
Rami Kleinstein
Rami Kleinstein
Rami Kleinstein & Rita
Ishai Levi
Eyal Golan
Tapuchim Ut'marim Track 1

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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