Bli milim eleicha adaber
guf yomar rishon ach'rav halev
rotzah otcha kol neshimah,
ahuv sheli chaver
yoda'at she'asur li levater.

Lefanaich lo karah davar
rak yamim cholfim besheket menukar
pit'om motze bachol zahav,
kolet bach et ha'or
yode'a she'otach li eshmor.

Al tishkach, al tishkach
nag'anu bash'vuah hazot kol kach
uvetochecha sufah shel esh
vehapanim hem melat'fim.

Bishe'ari atah achshav over
bish'vuat olam bo'er
noten becha/bach ot nichrat amok,
daver shemitgaber
ani rak ohev(et) yoter.

Al tishkach...


Without words I'll speak to you
my body will say (it) first, after it my heart
I want you (with) each breath,
my beloved friend
I know it's forbidden for me to give up.

Before you nothing happened
only days passing in alienating silence
suddenly I find gold in the sand,
I absorb the light in you
I know that I will keep you for me.

Don't forget, don't forget
we touched this oath so much
in within you a storm of fire
and your face fondles (me).

You are passing by my gate now
you burn in a worldly oath
I give you a sign written deep,
a thing that overcomes
I just love (you) more

Don't forget...

Hebrew words


Yael Klagesbelb Tevet
Rami Kleinstein
Rita & Rami Kleinstein
Rita & Rami Live on Stage Track 7
Ro'i Fridman & Rinat Rozen 2005

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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