Kol han'shama she'natata bi

Ken, yesh harbei hester panim
V'ahavot she'i efshar
Kmo she'anu noladim
El toch hachayim
Mah nish'ar?

Ken, al yamim, yamim rabim
Al hak'ev shelo chadal
Kmo she'anu noladim
U-m'vakshim k'tzat rachamim

Elohai, kol han'shama she-natata bi
Elohai, kol han'shama
Mah, mah hi?

Elohai, ten rak ko'ach l'chulam
Elohai, ten rak ko'ach l'olam


My God, my God,
All the soul which you placed in me -
My God...

Yes, there is a lot of secrecy and deceit.
And loves that cannot be.
As we are born
Into this life.
What remains?

Yes, about the many, many days
About the pain that hasn't stopped
As we are born
And ask for a little mercy
My God...

My God, all the soul which you placed in me
My God, all the soul
What, what is it?

My God, give only strength to everyone
My God, give only strength forever

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Alt. video from tribute to Ofra
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Betzalel Aloni & Ofra Haza
Goran Bregovic & Ofra Haza
Ofra Haza

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