Ofra Haza
www.ofra.haza.co.il - A comprehensive and reliable Israeli website, including lyrics to almost every song Ofra recorded.  Lyrics are in Hebrew only, unless the song itself is in English or another language.

Currently the site is in Hebrew, but an English version may be added in the future. 

Includes a 45-page biography, full discography, forum, etc.  Beautifully done, the pictures alone are worthwhile to fans who don't know Hebrew.
Biography and updated news on the Kikar Israel website
 How do I buy Ofra Haza CDs?
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ofra-haza/ - A friendly, informative, multi-national Ofra Haza fan group, whose leading members maintain the video collection.
http://home.comcast.net/~ofrahazavids/ - A computer video collection of over 200 clips, from Ofra's appearances on Israeli TV, in concert and in film clips throughout her career.  A free video library prepared and maintained by dedicated fans.
An appreciation of her life from the Jerusalem Post
She toured Australia in 1992
English translations of the songs on the album Fifty Gates of Wisdom.
Selected Ofra Haza song words on this site

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