Havu levenim,
ein p'nai la'amod af rega
b'nu habana'im,
al pachad ve'al yega
kir el kir narim,
me'al mich'shol vafega
kulanu nashir,
himnon binyan artzeinu
bim'kom etmol yesh lanu machar
uve'ad kol kir,
behenef binyaneinu
atid amenu lanu sachar.

Havu, havu levenim
k'far, moshav vakeret
shiru zemer habonim
shir binyan vameretz.


Bring us bricks,
no time to stand still,
builders go build,
with no fear or truble,
we will bring up wall to wall,
above obstacle and offence,
we will all sing,
our land rebuild's anthem,
in yesterday's place,we have a future,
and for every wall,
among our buildings,
the future of our nation people is our pay.

Bring,bring us bricks,
vilige and city,
sing the builder's song,
a song of renew and vipor!

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Translation taken from the youtube page that took my transliteration :)

Alexander Pen
Mordechai Ze'ira
Ofra Haza

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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