Kol ha'ir tovelet beshachor
Kmo betoch mischak shel tzel ve'or
Veshalvah g'dolah munachat
Neshimah efshar lakachat
Ki halailah lo yisog achor.

Saxofon tzarod bocheh babar
Veyare'ach metapes al har
Kvar cholef lo im haru'ach
Venotar od zman lifnei machar.

Ki zeh hazman amiti - halailah
Ki zeh hazman la'ahavah - halailah
Mutev lach shetihyi iti - kedai lach
Balailah she'af pa'am lo nigmar

Elef panim yesh lalailah hazeh
Umilion kochavim sham lema'alah
Ve'anachnu kulanu rak chelek mitoch machazeh
Sachkanim bemamlechet halailah.

Uvechalomam shel hayeladim
Hafe'ot pogshot bagamadim
Ha"lechud" veha"beyachad"
Mechapsim sha'ah shel nachat.

Kamah tov lihyot bein yedidim
Merachok hamiah shel yanshufim
Vegalim noshkim eh hachofim
Veshiltei nei'on ya'iru
Et halailah shebahir hu
Et harega'im hachi yafim.

Ki zeh hazman amiti...


All the town is cloaked in black
Like in a game of shade and light
And a great peacefulness descends
There's time to breathe, give pause
In the unretreating night.

A raucous saxophone wails in the wild
And the moon up the mountain climbs,
It is almost gone now with the wind
And 'til the morn there's still a while.

For this is the real time tonight
For this is love's time tonight.
It's best you bide with me 'tis wise,
Through the never-ending night-time.

This night of a thousand faces
With a million stars on high
And we are all but part of a play,
Actors in the kingdom of night.

And in children's dreams sweet
Fairies and dwarves shall meet.
The "alone" and the "together"-ness
An hour of respite seek.

How good it feels to be with friends,
To the mournful call of owls afar;
Waves rush to kiss the shore
And neon signs light up
The night so bright
And moments of delight.

For this is the real time......................

Hebrew words

Ilan Goldhirsch
Arieh Berkovich
Haim Moshe
Avi Perez

Words transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Words translated by Gila Ansell Brauner of Jerusalem, Israel.
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