Im yom echad tireni atzuvah
ve'al risai dma'ot velechi retuvah
have na li shoshan, shonah adom migan
uf'tach li shtei zro'ot uv'neh makom mugan
shebo er'tzeh me'od lashuv ulechayech
ani avo lesham, avo'ah ve'od eich

Zeh tov, zeh tov
zeh tov li, lah velo
la'olam kulo
im hu yode'a le'ehov
ito uvig'lalo kuli shelo halo
im hu yode'a le'ehov
zeh tov, zeh tov

Im gam hik'diru shmei ha'ahavah
uva'u ananim, kavtah halehavah
abitah bamar'e/a, bishtei einai abit
pit'om panim shonim misham yabitu bi
ani omeret le'atzmi hey tovah
pitchi libech shenit bif'nei ha'ahavah

Zeh tov, zeh tov...

Kamah yamim yafim ovrim lashav
k'sheyom kazeh over yoter eineno shav
verak atah bil'vad yode'a lehavi
k'tzat sheket laso'er, shalvah el toch libi
az bo maher, lemah atah mam'tin
avor miyad et g'vul hamabatim

Zeh tov, zeh tov...



If one day you see me sad
and on my eyelashes there are tears and a wet cheek
bring me a lily, a red lily from a garden
and open your arms to me and build me a protected place
in which I'll want very much to return and smile
I will come there, I will come and how

It's good, it's good
it's good for me, her and him
for the whole world
if it knows to love
with it and because of it all of me belongs to it
if it knows to love
it's good, it's good

Even if the skies of love get gloomy
and clouds came, the flame went out
I will look in the mirror, I'll look into my eyes
suddenly a different face will look at me from there
I say to myself, hey good girl
open your heart again to the face of love

It's good, it's good...

How many nice days go by for nothing
when a day like this passes it won't return anymore
and only you alone know to bring
a bit of silence to the stormy, serenity into my heart
some come quick, what are you waiting for
pass the border of looks immediately

It's good, it's good...

Hebrew words

Elioz Rabin
Roni Weiss
Shokolad Menta Mastik

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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