Yom over ve'od yom
hiv'tachta ad sof ad olam
yam shel tikvah vechalom
lo levater le'olam
shuv shehashemesh tiz'rach
shuv shehayom yachalof
hi tachazor shuv elai
k'mo hagalim el hachof

Zeh rak beineinu
zeh rak beineinu
tach'zik chazak
anachnu mamri'im
al tishaver
zeh rak shel shneinu
zeh rak shel shneinu
libi tamid nish'ar itcha
bich'dei lo levater

Lo yad'ati mahem hachaim
lifnei shepagashti otach
eich shehikarti otach
pashut ratziti otach
at ha'or hayechidi betoch hajungle mibeton
at sheket hanachon sheme'afsher li lishon
haratzon shelach lihyot iti gorem li lechayech
at k'mo sam shemeshakech et hake'ev
bayamim hakashim baleilot hakarim
bat venatat li chaim
at mele'at chiyuchim metukim kshe'at ohevet
karah ve'atzbanit barega'im she'at ko'eset
velamrot kol hamich'sholim ani am'shich lehilachem
lehit'kadem vele'at le'at hapachad ye'alem
bil'adaich ein li klum velo kayam lo mushlam
pit'om hakol nir'ah ke'ilu sof ha'olam
otach ani am'shich le'ehov tamid
al tid'agi od nesader lanu atid

Zeh rak beineinu...


A day passes and another day,
you promised till the end, end of the world
a sea of hope(s) and dream(s)
not to ever give up
again the sun will shine
again the day will pass
she will return to me again
like the waves to the shore

It's just between us
it's just between us
grab on strong
we're taking off
don't break down
it's just ours
it's just ours
my heart always stays with you
in order not to give up

I didn't know what life is
before I met you
as I met you
I simply wanted you
you're the only light in the jungle of concrete
you're the right silence that lets me sleep
your desire to be with me makes me smile
to scratch myself
you're like a drug that calm the pain
on hard days, on cold nights
you came and gave me life
you're full of sweet smiles when you love
cold and edgy during moments when you're mad
and despite all the obstacles I'll continue to fight
to move foward and slowly slowly the fear wil disappear
without you I have nothing, I don't exist, it's not perfect
suddenly it all looks as the end of the world
I'll always continue to love you
don't worry, we'll set up a future for us

It's just between us...

Hebrew words

Avi Mesikah & Mayah Buskila
Avi Mesikah & Mayah Buskila
Maya Buskila & Avi Mesikah
Oren Ashkenazi
Demonstrated by Oren Ashkenazi

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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