Yom kaze yom kaze
Lo over
Yom kaze

Hu megi'ach mishum makom
Nochet leyadcha pit'om
Ve'en ma la'asot negdo hu po
Hu yom kaze

Armumi ve'hu meshuman
Magi'a t' lo muchan
Lo memaher lehitpazer
Hu yom kaze

Lo yode'a ech nafalti
Letehom kol kach mushlam
Mechapes latzet hachutza
Aval ein li sulam.

Hu yashar mechapes la'ut
Shelo tihye ta'ut
Ose lach ra al hanshama
Hu yom kaze

Mishtale'ach bechol mechir
Af pa'am hu lo mash'ir
Ptzu'im basade lo ein lo lev
Hu yom kaze

Zehu yom she'en bo shemesh
Zehu yom sheme'unan
Zehu yom shebo amart li
At holechet mikan

Le'esrim ve'arba sha'ot
Notar lach lechakot
Ulai yigamer veyitpazer
Yom kaze
Ulai yigamer venishtachrer
Miyom kaze


A day like this a day like this
Doesn't pass
A day like this

It comes from no where
Suddenly lands next to you
Nothing we can do against it, it is here
It is a day like this.

Slicker and cunning
It comes when you are not ready
Is not in a hurry to scatter
It is a day like this.

I don't know how I fell
To such a perfect deep
Looking for a way out
But I don't have a ladder

Straight away it jumps on you
So there will be no mistake
Makes you feel bad
It is a day like this.

Getting wild at any cost
Never leaves wounded ones in the field
It has no heart
It is a day like this.

It is a day with no sun
It is a cloudy day
It is a day you told me
You are going away

You are left to wait
For twenty four hours
May be it will end and scatter
A day like this
May be it will end and we will be set free
From a day like this.

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Danny Sanderson
Danny Sanderson
Rami Kleinstein
Toldot Hayamim Track 2
Robin Starr 2006
Dance demonstrated by Robin Starr

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