Yesh li chaverah
Va'ani ohev otah,
umishtadel tamid lihyot itah,
yotz'im lar'chov,
ani sam aftershave.
Hi osah d'fikot
im na'alei akev.
Gam beshuk so'en
ani ve'hi levad,
umitchab'im batzad,
li yesh jacket me'or,
ve'lah chultza rakah,
margish gibor,
noten lah neshikah.

Yesh li chaverah ve'hi mehamemet
ani ohev otah balev,
uch'shehi holechet,
Hi tamid chozeret,
ani aleiha rak choshev.

Kshe'ani itah,
Ani acher bich'lal
cholem/choshev al mechonit,
umotzarei chashmal,
ki yesh lah af,
einaim to'amot,
chiyuch adom,
K'mo bapirsomot.

Ve'hi lo'eset mastik
bereiach shel mentol.
Ve'im ruchsan miplastik
tofeset et hakol.
Hi samah garbiyonim
im rakavot chotzot,
va'agilei matechet,
s'ratim umachrozot.

Yesh li chaverah ve'hi...

Yesh li chaverah, va'ani ohev otah.
K'shehi bochah,
ani shafut shelah.
Mevi kafeh, magash ve'ugiot.
Noten chiyuch, oseh sh'tuyot.
Alai morachat odem,
ve'li zeh lo echpat.
Veyesh lash'neinu yachad,
bediyuk oto mabat.
Ohev she'hi kotevet,
be'etzbaot dakot.
Uch'shehi mistareket,
osah tnu'ot rakot.

Yesh li chaverah ve'hi...


I have a girlfriend
And I love her
And try to always be with her
We go out walking in the street
I put on Aftershave
She makes clicking sounds
In high heels
Also in the busy market
She and I alone
We hug
And hide on the side
I have a leather jacket
And she has a soft blouse
Feel like a hero
Give her a kiss

I have a girlfriend and she is terrific (hot)
I love her in my heart
And when she goes
She always comes back
I think only of her

When I am with her
I am completely different
I dream of (owning) a car
And electric appliances
Because she has a nose
Matching eyes
A red smile
Like in the advertisements

She chews gum
With a mint smell
And with a red plastic fastener
Captures everything.
She puts on tights
With a railroad pattern
And metal earrings
Ribbons and earrings

I have a girlfriend and she is terrific..

I have a girlfriend, And I love her
When she cries
I am her devoted servant
Bring her coffee, a tray with cookies
Smile at her, making her laugh
Putting rouge on me
And I dont care
And both of us together have
The same look
Love that she writes
With delicate fingers
And when she combs
She does soft movements.

I have a girlfriend and she is terrific..

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Kobi Oz
Kobi Oz
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Words translated by Mark Moshe Kushinsky of Stoughton, Massachusetts, USA.
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