Vayehi acharei mot Moshe bamidbar
vayikra Elohim liY'hoshu'a vayomar
kum avor im ha'am et haYarden
el ha'aretz asher Anochi noten
kol makom asher tid'roch kaf ragleichem
ka'asher dibarti netativ lachem

Chazak ve'ematz ve'al techat
ki lecha ha'aretz hazot ha'achat

VeYericho sogeret mip'nei bnei Yisrael
vayis'u hakohanim et keren hayovel
veha'am lasov et hachomah yotz'im
uvnei Re'uven veGad chalutzim
vayari'ah hashofar tru'ah g'dolah
vechomat Yericho tach'teiah naflah


Vayikab'tzu malkei ha'Emori ve'imam
am rav kachol asher al s'fat hayam
vayavo aleihem Yehoshua pit'om
vayomar begiv'on lashemesh dom
veyare'ach amad be'emek ayalon
vayanusu malkei lachish ve'eglon


Vayach Yehoshu'a et melech Dor
ve'et melech Mak'dah ve'et melech Chatzor
ve'et melech Adulam ve'et melech Chevron
ve'et melech Ach'shaf ve'et melech Shomron
ve'et melech Chormah ve'et melech Arad
kol ham'lachim shloshim ve'echad



It was after the death of Moss in the desert
and God called to Joshua and said
rise and cross the Jordan with the nation
to the land that I'm giving (you)
every place that your foot shall step on
as I said, I have given to you

Be strong and brave and don't be dismayed
because this one land is yours

And Jericho closed before the children of Israel
and the priest carried up the Jubilee horn
and the nation went out to bring down the wall
and the children of Reuben and Gad are leading
and the horn gave a great trumpet blast
and the bottom of the Jericho wall fell

Be strong...

And the Emorite kings and with them
a nation great as the sand on the sea shore
And Joshua suddenly came to them
and he said in in Giv'on to the red sun
and the moon stood in the Ayalon valley
and the kings of Lachish and Eglon were tried

Be strong...

And Joshua struck the king of Dor
and the king of Mak'dah and the king of Chatzor
and the king of Adulam and the king of Hebron
and the king of Ach'shaf and the king of Samaria
and the king of Chormah and the king of Arad
all the kings were 31 in number

Be strong...


Hebrew words

Joshua 1:1-3,9; 6:1,4,5,20; 11:4; 10:12; 12:10,11,14,15,16,19,20,23,24

1st stanza adapted from Joshua 1:1-3
Chorus adapted from Joshua 1:9
2nd stanza adapted from Joshua 6:1,4,5,20
3rd stanza adapted from Joshua 11:4, 10:12
4th stanza adapted from Joshua 12:10,11,14,15,16,19,20,23,24
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Uri Sela
Yochanan Zarai / (David Weinkrantz?)
Arik Lavi
Dani Dassa

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Special thanks to Gary Fox of Portland, Oregon, USA for the sources
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