Actual title of the song:
Yorti zeibekidon (The feast of the zeybeks)
Alt. title from lyrics in the song:
Ya sas re pedia (To you health, guys)

The Greek song is about a party of members of a zeybek tribe
and composer Kaldaras based his song on the zeybek rhytms of Asia

Thanks to Eva Broman for this information.

About the album:
In 1972 Giorgos Dalaras, along with singer Haris Alexiou, got his big break in the
Greek music industry when their LP Mikra Asia ("Asia Minor") went platinum,
his first album to do so. The songs were written by Apostolos Kaldaras, a
heavyweight in the laןka scene of the 50's and 60's, who at this time
decided to enter the political fray of Greek music. Dalaras and Alexiou were
immediately thrown into the limelight. The LP was also recently re-released
in both CD and limited edition LP format by minos-emi

The Mikra Asia LP was later followed up, by Vizantinos Esperinos ("Byzantine
Vesper") in 1973. The album consisted again of Dalaras and Haris Alexiou,
and was composed by Apostolos Kaldaras, however the lyrics were by the
emerging Lefteris Papadopoulo, who ironically had written Dalaras first
official recording (O stathmos msm 101 - Pistage to Topi). This was the last
time that Dalaras had officially worked with Apostolos Kaldara in the studio,
however, they worked together in live performances.

"Mikra Asia" is a concept album which deals with the experiences of the
Greeks who had to leave Asia Minor after the 1922 Greco-Turkish war (in
Greece this event is called "The Asia Minor Catastrophe/Disaster"). The
lyrics are written by the renowned lyricist Pythagoras. Kaldaras'
compositions manage to capture the traditional melodies and rhytms of Asia
Minor, and Pythagoras' lyrics give the flavour of Greek Asia Minor life
(before and after the Disaster) in a most evocative manner.
More info about zeybeks
Article by Nikos Politis about the original Turkish/Greek dance

Apostolos Kaldaras
Aris San
Haris Alexiou
Mikra Asia 1972
Ira Weisburd 1985

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