Dma'ot, zol'got zol'got zol'got...
ve'atzuvot hamach'shavot.
Umah nish'ar li? Mah nish'ar?
Rak zichronot min he'avar.

Hakol avar, hakol nig'mar,
ahavot vehatik'vot.
Umah shemechakeh machar...
zeh rak ye'ush ve'achzavot.

Yare'ach shachor velev shenish'bar
ve'ein li mis'tor ve'ein li machar.
Yare'ach shachor, kamah ra li umar.
Ve'eifo ha'or sheyashuv veyiz'rach.

Ve'ein li, ein li af echad.
Sheya'azor yoshit li yad.
chaim betzel hazichronot.
chaim betoch hadika'onot.

Hakol avar hakol nigmar...
Umah nish'ar li? Mah nish'ar?

Rak haye'ush vehab'didut.
Vezeh atzuv zeh k'mo lamut.

Yare'ach shachor...


Tears flow, flow, flow...
and (my) thoughts are sad.
And what remains for me? What remains?
Just memories from the past.

Everything passed, everything's finished,
loves and the hopes.
And that which waits tomorrow...
it's just despair and disappointments.

Black moon and a heart that's broken
and I have no hiding place and no tomorrow.
Black moon, oh how badly I feel and how sour.
And where's that light that would return and shine.

And I have, I have no one.
that would help, extend a hand to me.
Life in the shaddow of memories.
Life inside depressions.

Everything passed, everything's finished,...
And what remains for me? What remains?

Only the despair and the loneliness.
And it's sad it's like dying.

Black moon...

Hebrew words

Mirit Shem Or
Yoni Ro'eh
Sarit Hadad

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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