Yarda Hashabat el bikat Ginosar
Venichoach atik beshuleha
Veya’amdu misaviv hararim shoshbinim
Laset adarta hazohevet
Ta’alena yonim mikineret hayam
Kabel et rucha halohevet

Nashka hashabat lerosho shel habrosh
La’ezov shebasela nashka
Veyehi hadardar lesharvit shelmalchut
Al ramot demama meronenet
Yimshoch az hator bekolo hamatok
Chemdat kisufin me’adenet.

Hertita shabat bechina haganuz
Einei chalonot mikol ever
Vetetzena banot el ha'erev, zamer
Zmirot be’erga metzaltzelet
Vehayta ha’edna bebikat Ginosar
Lenishmat ivriyut ne’etzelet


Shabbat descends on Ginosar Valley
An ancient fragrance at the edges
The mountains stand around like best friends
To carry her golden overcoat
Doves arise from the Kinneret Sea
To receive her ardent spirit

Shabbat kisses the top of the cypress
Kisses the moss on the rock
The thorn becomes a royal scepter
On the hills the silence is chanting
The turtle dove is making a sweet sound
Delightful pleasing longing.

Shabbat trembles in her modest grace
Eyes of windows from all over
Young girls come out in the evening
To sing songs with a resounding yearning
The tenderness in Ginosar Valley became
A noble Hebrew soul.

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Thank to Jim Rust for helpful discussion.

Yehoshua Rabinov
David Zehavi
Yehoram Gaon
Ronit Ophir

Words transliterated and translated by Vered Klinghofer of Chicago, Illinois, USA.
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