Arukim haleilot miyom she'halachta,
ha'aviv kmo hastav kol kach afor,
uvalev zichronot min hastam kvar shachachta,
ut'filah, tfilah kenah shetachazor.

Yam shel dma'ot bishtei einai,
libi zo'ek shuvah elai.
Koli shover et had'mamah,
hatishm'a, hatishm'a.

Mah shomem hu chadri miyom she'azavta,
hasha'on she'al hakir libo nadam.
Uvoded bapinah hakise she'ahavta,
bil'adecha ha'olam ko meyutam.

Yam shel dma'ot...

Od ashuv yaldati - atah ko hivtachta,
rak chaki li vesheli hish'ari
im hazman rak michtav yechidi li shalachta,
hadapim dahu mizman, gam se'ari.

Yam shel dma'ot...


Long are the nights since the day you went
spring like fall is so gray
and memories in the heart simply already forgotten
and a prayer, truthful prayer that you'd return.

Sea of tears in my two eyes,
my heart screams, come back to me.
My voice breaks the silence,
if only you'd hear, you'd hear.

How desolate is my room since the day you left,
the heart of the clock on the wall fell silent
and lonely in the corner is the chair you loved,
without you the world is so orphaned.

Sea of tears...

I'll return my child - so you promised,
just wait for me and remain mine
all this time you'd only sent me one letter
the pages faded a while ago, as has my hair.

Sea of tears...

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Raffi Gabai
Zohar Argov
Eyal Golan
Ninet Tayeb
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Levi Bar Gil

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