Kshe'ani choshev alaich
nachal zorem me'einai
zo'ek chazak et sh'mech
vechiyuchech oleh el mul panai
lo mevin mah zeh azavt
metzapeh leshuvech
yesh tiskul veza'am
sh'mamah betoch beiti im chesronech.

Matai tavini she'ani kvar lo ani
rotzeh shetachzeri le'atzmech
matai ted'i kamah ani otach ohev
katavti et hashir bishvilech
shuvi she'uchal od lechayech.

Heichan otan shanim
hayit lanu k'yahalom
ach mi zocher hayom
et ha'osher shel etmol shilshom
hitpai'si na vehavi
lach zer prachim eten
yesh tiskul veza'am
ach ahavati gavrah al shneihem.

Matai tavini...


When I think of you
a stream flows from my eyes
I scream your name loudly
and your smile rises in front of my face
I don't get how you left
I'm expecting your return
there's frustration and fury
in your absence it's a desert in my house.

When will you get that I'm no longer me
I want you to come back to yourself
when will you know how much I love you
I wrote this song for you
come back so I'd smile again.

Where are those years
you were like a diamond to us
but who remembers today
the bliss of yesterday and the day before
reconcile/appease yourself please
and I'll give you a wreath of flowers
there's frustration and fury
but my love has overcome them both.

When will you get...

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