Ani ve'at ze kmo sipur she'ein lo hatchalah
pit'om anachnu kan be'emtza ahava gdola
avdu li hamilim vehistabchu li hatchushot
achshav ani tove'a betoch yam shel regashot.

Ani ohev otach ve'at yoda'at,
itach ani holech al hashlemut.
Bachalomot shelach ani rotze laga'at
velahafoch otam limetzi'ut.

Yachad shnayim, ze mehashamayim
sheyihyeh lishneinu tov, shened'a rak le'ehov.
Yachad shnayim, adama vamayim
ani hayam ve'at hachof, shneinu yachad ad hasof.

Ha'ahava hi kmo latzet bishnayim letiyul
ze rak ani va'at vehashamaim ze hagvul
mas'a lachalomot shebo hakol nir'a acher
ve'im at letzidi baderech
mi tzarich yoter!

Ani ohev otach...

Yachad shnayim...


You and I, it's like a story with no beginning
Suddenly we're here, in the midst of great love
I am lost for words and my senses are a mess
Now I drown in a sea of feelings

I love you, and you know it
With you I will go to perfection
I want to touch your dreams
And to turn them into reality

Together in two, it's from heaven
Let it be good for us, we will know only love
Together in two, soil and water
I'm sea, you - the shore, us together till the end.

Love is like going for a hike, in two
Only you and me, the sky is the limit
trip to dreams in which all looks different
and if you're by my side on the way,
who needs more!

I love you...

Together in two...

Hebrew words

Yosi Gispan
Shimon Bouskila
Lior Narkis
Ze Mehalev - It's From the Heart Track 4
Nona Malki 2003
Nona Malki

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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