Lach - einei t'chelet
veli - rak hatochelet
lach hu hapeleh
veli - hatimahon:
lach - hamotnaim
veli - mechol mochnaim,
lach kad hayayin
veli - hatzima'on...

Lach levavi nitar,
li - tzamotaich...
lach - bedami shokek pere meshulach:
lach - chalomi niftar,
li - chidotaich
et kochavim nosh'rim bein sichei li-lach...


Li/lach - hatapu'ach
veli - tarmil patu'ach...
lach - hamapu'ach
veli - hagechalim...
lach - hatzameret
veli - sufah so'eret,
lach hu hakerem
veli - hashu'alim...

Lach levavi nitar...

Wai wai wai...

Lach yonat bayit
veli - chitzim vatzayid...
lach aleh zayit
veli - mabul kadmon...
lach - hanicho'ach
veli - kotzim vacho'ach,
lach - hashilo'ach
veli - hasambation...

Lach levavi nitar...



You have the blue eyes
I just have the expectation
You have the wonder
I have the wonderment
You have the hips
I have the dance
You have the wine jug
I have the thirst

For you - my heart jumps
For me I have your plaits
For you - I have a free wild man's longing in my blood
To you my dream is solved
To me your riddles
When stars fall among the Lilac bush


You have the apple
I have the open bakcpack
You have the blower
I have the coal
You have the tree top
I have a wild storm
You have the vine yard
I have the foxes….

For you - my heart jumps.........

Wai wai wai...

You have a home pigeon
I have the hunting and arrows
You have the olive branch
I have an ancient flood
You have the scent
I have thorns and the thorn bush
You have the Shilo’ach river
I have the Sambatiyon river

For you - my heart jumps............

Hebrew words

Alt. Lo _____ ve'lach ______

The dance known now as Wai Wai Wai is originaly Lilach which means Lilac (a flower called after its own colour). Originaly the song was sung by the famous trio Hagashash Hachiver in the 1960-1970. It has just been revived by Gabi Shushan who came back after many years of no creation or major performances. The song is very popular in Isreal at the moment and is sung on the radio every hour (on reshet Gimmel). The dance is cute and uplifting like the song.

Yosi Gamzu
Chaim Tzur
Hagashash Hachiver
Gabi Shoshan
Israel Shiker

Words transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Words translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Portuguese translation by Helena Wajsfels Zins of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Song notes from Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia
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Voc? tem os olhos azuis
e eu, s? a espectativa
Voc? tem o milagre
e eu tenho a surpresa
Voc? tem os quadris
e eu tenho a dan?a
Voc? tem a jarra de vinho
e eu tenho a sede.

Por voc? meu cora??o estremece
para mim tenho as tran?as
Por voc? tenho a liberdade selvagem correndo nas veias
Para voc? meu sonho acontece
Para mim, teus mist?rios
quando estrelas caem entre os arbustos de lilases

Wai, wai, wai, wai ...

Voc? tem a ma??
e eu tenho a mochila aberta
Voc? tem o sopro
e eu tenho a brasa
Voc? tem o topo da ?rvore
e eu tenho o temporal
Voc? tem o vinhedo
e eu tenho as raposas ...

Por voc? meu cora??o estremece ...

Wai, wai, waI, wai ...

Voc? tem o pombo dom?stico
e eu, a ca?ada e as flechas
Voc? tem o ramo de oliveira
e eu tenho o antigo dil?vio
Voc? tem a fragr?ncia
e eu tenho espinhos e o espinheiro
Voc? tem o rio Shilo'ach
e eu tenho o rio Sambation ...

Por voc? meu cora??o estremece ...

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