VE'ULAI - Shlomo Artzi

Ve’ulai lo hayu hadvarim me’olam
Ve’ulai lo hayiti kazeh chacham
UchsheNaomi amrah bo narutz el hayam
Ratznu ad sof ha’olam
Ve’ulai ze haya, ve’ulai ashlayah
Hakol machshavot yeshanot
UchsheNaomi amra bo naritz ahavah
Ratznu kmo shtey banot

Ve’ulai ze hakol, ve’ulai ze etmol
Ulai yesh od machar mesuyam
Ve’ulai zo bdidut biglal tzeva ha’or
Al tivki biglal ze lechinam

Ve’ulai anachnu melachim ulai avadim
Ulai ze kola shel Adele
Imikol hakolot shehayu ba’adi
Nish’ar rak kolo shel ha’El

Ve’ulai lo yada’ato lehagid et ze tov
Ulai ta’iti berov hamilim
UchsheNaomi amra bo nelech ad hasof
Ratzti ita lagalim
Ve’ulai tohavi oti ad hasof
Bli pchadim uvli hisusim
Ani rak ben adam she’omed al hachof
Umchake she’ulai tenasi

Ve’ulai anachnu melachim.....

VeNaomi hazot im kol harazot
Halcha lihyot dugmanit
Ki ulai hi chashva shekacha ze tov lichyot
Ulai hi hayta hegyonit

Kach nish’arti ulai omed mul chayai
Ki ulai lo yada’ati harbeh
Kshehashemesh shak’a’ah halachti li vedai
Vekatavti leNaomi davar kazeh

Ve’ulai anachnu melachim...

Umikol hakolot....


Maybe it never happened
Maybe I wasn’t that smart
And when Naomi said let’s run to the beach
We ran to the end of the world
Maybe it was, maybe it was an illusion
It is all old thoughts
And when Naomi said let’s run with love
We ran like two girls

Maybe it’s all, maybe yesterday
Maybe there is still some kind of tomorrow
Maybe it is loneliness due to the skin colour
Don’t cry for nothing

Maybe we are kings, maybe slaves
Maybe it is Adele’s voice
From all the voices that were mine
Only God’s voice remained

Maybe I didn’t know how to say it
Maybe I made a mistake choosing the words
And when Naomi said let’s go all the way
I ran with her to the waves
And maybe you will love me until the end
With no fears or hesitations
I am only a human standing on the shore
Waiting for you to try

Maybe we are kings....

And Naomi with all the skinny girls
Became a model
Maybe she thought this is the way to live
Maybe she was sensible
And maybe I was left facing my life
Because I didn’t know much
And when the sun went down I just left
And wrote to Naomi

Maybe we are kings...
From all the voices....

åàåìé - ùìîä àøöé

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Shlomo Artzi
Shlomo Artzi
Shlomo Artzi
Gadi Bitton

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Translated for Gadi Bitton, HORA Israeli Dancing School, Melbourne, Australia, Camp 2016
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