Ve'adain roked itach beroshi,
mabit basha'on vekim'at chamesh ush'loshim,
ve'im lo tagi'i ad shesh, etya'esh,
ach e'emod poh machar
mul otam brushim.

Ve'adain ohev im hazman, im kol tza'ad,
vezocher od heitev ech at amart:
"Ach'rei shtei pe'amim tovot ba'ah pa'am,
shehoreset otanu ve'az zeh nigmar."

Venose'a adain be'otah mechonit meshumeshet,
karov levadai im mano'a harus.
Veyode'a she'ein efsharut nosefet,
milvad lehatchil itach be'oto harikud.

Vehakol mistachrer kmo susim doharim betoch cheder,
somech al yadech, lo titni li lipol beta'ut,
va'ani metzatet kmo m'lumad mitoch sefer:
"sinderelah sheli - nirkod venamut."

Venose'a adain...

Shmei ha'ir adumim ve'at bi poga'at
ush'nei yeladim tzochakim mehashir,
ki ech at lo ba'ah, ech at lo ba'ah?
Kav'anu lirkod bechamesh ush'loshim.


And I still dance with you in my head,
look at the clock and it's almost 5:30,
and if you don't arrive by 6, I'll despair,
but I'll stand here tomorrow
in front of the same cypresses.

And I still love with the time, with each step
and still remember well how you said:
"After two good times comes a time,
that destroys us and then it's finished."

And I still ride in the same used car,
surely close with the destroyed engine.
And I know there's no additional possibility,
aside from starting with you the same dance.

And everything goes around like horses riding inside a room,
hanging on your arm, dont let me fall by mistake,
and I quote like a learned person from within a book:
"my Cinderella - we'll dance and we'll die."

And I still ride...

The city sky is red and you're hurting me
and two kids laugh because of the song,
'cuz how you aren't coming, how are you not coming?
We decided to dance at 5:30.

Hebrew words

Shlomo Artzi
Shlomo Artzi
Shlomo Artzi
Yareach/Moon Track 10
Avi Amsalam

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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