Bein dim'ah ledim'ah
hamer'chak ko karov
lo ro'eh et hasof
shel hatzel hagavo'ah

Bein ye'ush vetikvah
mechapes od dma'ot
uvemabat le'achor
lo ratziti livro'ach

Pa'am hayu li tikvot acherot
pa'am ratziti lihyot
lo yad'ati she'agia rachok ad elaich
pa'am hayu li tikvot acherot
ken pa'am kiviti lihyot
aval hayom ani tzipor avudah beyadaich

Bein etmol hayom umachar
yesh hadaf atzum me'avar
ga'agu'a tamim veyakar
el maga siftotaich

Mekomot asirim
sha'archem hu ani vetafel
shegufi kan elaich nofel
bein sha'arei libech

Pa'am hayu li tikvot acherot...


From tear to tear
the distance is no near
I don't see th eend
of the high shadow

Between despair and hope
I look for more tears
and a look back
I did not want to run away

Once I had other hopes
once I watned to be
I did not knwo I'll get far away to you
once I had other hopes
yes once I hoped to be
but today I am a bird lost in your hands

Between yesterday, today and tomorrow
there's a page that's closed off from the past
a naive and dear yearning
to the touch of your lips

Rich places
your gate is poor and inferior
so my body falls to you here
betwen the gates of your heart

Once I had other hopes...

Photo of Artist & Hebrew words

Yossi Azulay
Ran Aviv
Yossi Azulay

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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