Tze'i el hachalon
ani ha'ish sheshar lach
et shirai ani katavti lichvodech
bayom she'at tetz'i
et libi at kichbeshi
lach pinah chamah eshmor balev.

Tze'i el hachalon
sha'ot she'ani shar lach
rak tomri she'at yoda'at
lemi libech
mitachat lechalonech
shar shirim umechayech
menaseh lichbosh et levavech
mitachat lechalonech
ani omed umechakeh
legalot et sod ahavatech.

Rak shmor li aleiha
al' or eineiha
rak shmor li aleiha
shmor makom balev.

Tze'i el hachalon
kan menagnot gitarot
serenadot shechibarti lichvodech.
Bechol chalonot ha'ir
ne'arot yotz'ot lashir
rak tni li et ahavatech.

Tze'i el hachalon
shalosh onot chikiti
ve'achshav ro'im shechoref mitkaver.
Baru'ach uvag'shamim
ani amshich lashir shirim
e'eseh hakol lema'anech.
Baru'ach uvag'shamim
gam be'od me'a shanim
anaseh lichbosh et levavech.

Rak shmor li aleiha...


Come out to the window
I'm the man who sings to you
I wrote my songs in your honour
the day that you come out
you'll capture my heart
for you i'll keep a warm corner in my heart.

Come out to the window
the hours that I sing to you
just say that you know
to whom your heart belongs
from under your window
I sing songs and smile
I try to capture your heart
from under your window
I stand and wait
to find the secret of your love.

Just guard over her for me
over the light of her eyes
just guard over her for me
guard a place in the heart.

Come out to the window
here guitars play
serenades that I composed in your honour.
In all the windows of the city
girls go out to sing
just give me your love.

Come out to the window
I waited for three seasons
and now it's clear that winter approaches.
In wind and in rain
I'll continue to sing songs
I'll do it all for you.
In wind and in rain
even for another hundred years
I'll try to capture your heart.

Just guard over her for me...

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