Yona tzchorat kanaf afa bishchakav
Kishlicha shel melech
Uvein pirchey habar lev katan nishbar
Vetzachak baderech

Kshe’al kol hachofim yeladim chapim
Mitmimut gova’at
Ha’adama bocha meta misimcha
Omeret venikra’at

Bo’i bo’i bo’i bo’i
Nagni li ahuva nagni
Nagni emet sorefet
Kol kach yafa bedim’atech nechsefet
Bo’i bo’i bo’i bo’i

Uvein ha’ashlayot mi yachol lichyot
Mi nilcham basheker
Ze shehakol ro’e ve’eno nir’e
Chaos betoch seder
Chizri yona lish’ol ufi la’etmol
Yesh bach et hamelech
Otach mi ya’atzor im tirtzi lachzor
Lenitzchon ha’erech

Bo’i bo’i bo’i.......


Pure white winged dove flies in God’s skies
Like a King’s messenger
Among the wild flowers a small heart breaks
And laughed along the way

When on all the shores, small kids free of dying innocence
Mother earth is crying, is so happy
Talks and is torn

Come, come, come, come
Play for me beloved one, play
Play the burning truth
So beautiful, revealed in your tear
Come, come, come, come

Who can live in illusions?
Who fights lies?
The one who sees it all, but is never seen
Chaos in the order
Come back dove to ask the questions
Fly back to yesterday
The King is in you
If you want to come back, no one will stop you
Values will be victorious

Come, come, come.......

Hebrew words

The song is from Kobi Aflalo’s new album “Shma” (Listen). A spiritual album with songs about the internal journey to the soul and faith.
In this song Kobi symbolises the soul to a pure white winged dove.

Kobi Aflalo
Kobi Aflalo
Kobi Aflalo
Avi Levy
Circle 2011

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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