Todah lechah olam todah
Sheheveta oti lechan
Lasir hazeh hameva’abe’a, hama’aleh ashan
Al hadrachim hanechonot sheholachta oti
Velo bacharti
Al yam ha’ahavah sheshafachta bi
Vechim’at tavati

Todah lechah olam todah
Shehevetah oti lechan
Al shehetachta befanai et ha’emet
Ve’et hazman
Al hakotzim shezrata leraglai
Uvizchutam nishmarti
Al amudei ha’esh bema’avari
Uvechol zot avarti

Aval pagashti keren chom
Memisa harim shel kerach
He’arah shel chesed ve’or belel yare’ach
Yesh tov echad shemistater
Be’emek hakazav
Todah lechah olam shesiparta li alav

Todah lechah olam todah
Sheheveta oti lechan
El eretza notefet dam va’esh
Vetimrot ashan
Al anshei hama’ala shehetzavta
Bedarki haptaltala
Ve’al hagoral shekatavta li
Od bahatchalah

Shelo yibashta et dim’otai
Vehinachta lahen lizrom
Ve’achshav hen agam yaldut
Miklat mehatehom
Tada lechah olam al hachoshech
Al hasikuy sheyitbaher
Ve’al tipah ktanah shel osher
Kshekvar chashavti levater

Aval pagashti.....


Thank you world, thank you
That you brought me here
To this steamy simmering pot
For the right ways you led me
Which I didn’t choose
For the sea of love you poured on me
Where I didn’t drown

Thank you world, thank you
That you brought me here
For slapping me
With the truth and time
For the thorns you planted in front of my feet
This made me watch myself
For the fire in my passages
The ones I walked anyway

But I met a ray of warmth
Melting mountains of ice
For the enlightenment and the moonlight
There is one goodness hiding
In the valley of falsehood
Thank you world for letting me know

Thank you world, thank you
That you brought me here
To a land dripping with blood, fire
And smoke
For the elders you put
In my winding way
And my destiny
Which you wrote from the beginning

That you didn’t dry my tears
And you let them run
Now they are a lake of childhood
A shelter from the deep
Thank you world for the darkness
For the chance it will clear up
And for a drop of happiness
When I thought of giving up

But I met.....

úåãä ìê òåìí

Hebrew words

Keren Peles and Rami Kleinstein
Keren Peles and Rami Kleinstein
Keren Peles and Rami Kleinstein
Avi Perez

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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