Tnu lanu yad venelech
beHertzel bli kvish umidrechet
Im shayeret gmalim al hachol
Tnu lanu hayom lalechet
Legimnasia Hertzeliya kmo etmol

Tnu lanu yad venelech
La’ir haktana hanosheket lachof
Tnu lanu yad venelech
Limkomot shehayu ve’enam

Tnu lanu yad venelech
Lir’ot ech ha’ir mitrapeket
Al hachof im ha’ereve hacham
Tnu lehitganev besheket
Legan Rina ve’ulai levet ha’am

Tnu lanu yad venelech…..

Tnu lanu yad venelech
Navo’a eleha kmo pa’am
Im rechot meluchim min hachof
Tnu lanu, nu rak od pa’am
Al safsal began Hadasa lehe’ov
Tnu lanu yad venelech…..

Tnu lanu yad venelech
Nabit be’enayim shel yeled
Ech tzomachat ha’ir haktana
Shekula lavan utchelet
Ve’orot dolkim hayom bechalona

Tnu lanu yad venelech…..



Give us a hand and we will walk
In Hertzel St with no road or side walk
With a convoy of Camels on the sand
Let us go today
To Hertzeliya College like yesterday

Give us a hand and we will walk
To the small city which kisses the sea
Give us a hand and we will walk
To places that were before and are now gone

Give us a hand and we will walk
To see how the city which clings to the sea
In a warm evening
Let us quietly sneak into
To Gan Rina Cinema or to Bet Ha’am

Give us a hand and we will walk….

Give us a hand and we will walk
Will come to her like we used to
With salty scents from the shore
Let us, just once more
On a bench in Hadasa Garden to love

Give us a hand and we will walk

Give us a hand and we will walk
And look with kids eyes
How the small city grows
A city all in white and pale blue
And lights are today in its windows

Give us a hand and we will walk...............

Hebrew words

The song is about Tel Aviv the city and quite a few icons are mentioned.

Hertzel St in the south of the town close to the Karmel market, Gan Hadasa which I personally remember as it was in my neighborhood and I learnt swimming there, today it is Gan Ha’ir a shopping centre. Hertzeliya College in Zabotinski St was the first college/high school in Tel Aviv and the students were from elite Tel Aviv families.

The song also talks about the sea, which was our meeting place. For me this is a very nostalgic song.

Tel Aviv recently celebrated 100 years and Marco choreographed the dance for the celebrations. Here is Irit Dotan singing in one of the celebrations in Rabin Square where Tel Aviv’s town hall is. Marco created a beautiful dance to complement the song.
Irit Dotan originally sang the song in 1973. This is the original clip
Here is the clip of the celebration.

Tzvika Zalikovitch
Ya’akov Holander
Irit Dotan
Marco Ben Shimon

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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