Tni li ahavah
tni li lechabek otach
tni li le'ehov otach
lehisachef velif'roach
lag'at livro'ach
ani ohev otach
tni li lechabek otach
tni li le'ehov otach
leat, leat.

Betoch kol hamich'sholim
shel hachaim
at li haderech
at ha'or
at hapinah 'achamah
balev she'elav
tamid ech'zor
rotzeh elaich
lehakshiv lemilotaich
lenashek et s'fataich
lehitchamem bein zro'otaich
ani tamid ehyeh sham
le'ehov velehamchish lach
eten et kol kuli
ve'et libi ani akdish lach
gam im zeh omer
la'azor be'et tzarah
o la'asot partzuf matz'chik
kshe'at balailah atzuvah
k'mo mal'ach nafalt alai
ve'lo rotzeh yoter midai
rak milah shel ahavah
ki at kim'at ishat chayay
rotzeh lelatef et kol gufech
she'anachnu bli b'gadim
at pashut hachalom 'amatok
shematrif li t'achushim.

Yesh harbeh dagim bayam
verak itach rotzeh lis'chot
velehargish et hamirkam
kshe'atzbani meha'avodah
mehashiga'on mehachovot
meharitzot mehashtuyot
ani ratz elaich
kdei lekabel k'tzat sheket
litz'chok velehenot
latet katef vela'azor
lehakshiv lebe'ayot
tamid hayit sham bishvili
verak etzlech motze miklat
at hanedukah bekol shir
bekol pizmon
bekol mishpat.

Tni li ahavah...

Achshav ma'amin
she'yesh sibah lichyot
achshav asur li lehamtin
ani tzarich lehafti'a lehazi'a
ulevasof ahavatech od tegared
et haraki'a
lo, lo
al telchi gam im nariv lif'amim
baleilot at shuv yoshevet
vekotevet michtavim
ani yode'a shelif'amim
yesh aliot veyeridot
aval tamid ani omar
ani ohev otach
mitnatzel im shir veperach
bel'chishah kalah omer lach
shetamid nichyeh lanetzach
al mah at choshevet
al mi velamah
chiyuch kshe'at balailah
shuv cholemet
achazek har'gashatech
el mul milah k'tzlil meitar
lo eten lo avater
ani ochi'ach she'efshar
ki zeh at va'ani
ein davar yoter mushlam
ki bizchutech yesh li et hako'ach
gam lichbosh et ha'olam.

Tni li ahavah...


Give me love
let me hug you
let me love you
to be swept up and to bloom
to touch, to run away
I love you
let me hug you
let me love you
slowly, slowly.

Within all the obstacles
of life
you are my path
you are the light
you are the warm corner
in my heart to which
I'll always return
I want to get to you
to listen to your words
to kiss your lips
to warm up in your arms
I will always be there
to love and to be concrete for you
I will give all of me
and I'll dedicate my heart to you
even if this means
to help in the time of trouble
or to make a funny face
when you're sad at night
like an angel you fell upon me
and I don't want too much
just a word of love
cause you're almost the woman of my life
I want to stroke your whole body
as we're without clothes
you're simply the sweet dream
that drives my senses mad

There's plenty of fish in the sea
but I only want to swim with you
and to feel the texture
when frustrated by work
from the craziness from the debts
from the races from the nonsense
I run to you
in order to get some quiet
to laugh and enjoy
to give a shoulder and to help
to listen to problems
you were always there for me
and I only find a safe haven by you
you're the dot in every song
in every chorus
in every sentence.

Give me love...

Now I believe
that there's a reason to live
now it's forbidden for me to wait
I need to surprise and sweat
and at the end your love will scratch
the sky
no, no
don't go even if we fight sometimes
at night you sit again
and write letters
I know that sometimes
there are ups and downs
but I'll always say
I love you
I apologize with a song and a flower
in a soft whisper I say to you
that we'll always live forever
what are you thinking of
of whom and why
a smile when at night you're
dreaming again
I'll strengthen your emotion
against the word like a sound of string
I won't let I won't give up
I will prove that it's possible
because it's you and I
there's nothing more complete
because of you I have the strength
even to capture the world.

Give me love...

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Avi Mesikah
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