Chasafti et hamigra'ot sheli
Ad shenish'arti muvas
Kvar shana shniya be'oto hamakom
Mul oto hamitras
Aval ani margish she'ani karov
Er'eh et hapachad mitatzev be'or harechov

Ani margish hatchalat tkufa chadasha bachayim
Tzarich lehistader im hasodot vehashedim
Limshoch otach el hachol hatov'ani
Uchshetagi'i lesham ani
Ani agia el atzmi
Im techaki li

Amadeti bimkomot meruchakim
Ad sheratziti lachzor
Al otam hagsharim shesarafti
Hazman kvar lo ya'avor
Aval ani margish et ze achshav
Ve'et harekanut mitztameket bara'av

Ani margish hatchalat tkufa....

Merachef el hayare'ach
Anashim svivi moshchim oti lemata
Ze hazman lehitpake'ach
Ko'ach ratzon
Halevai shetisha'er

Ani margish hatchalat tkufa.....


I have exposed my weaknesses
Until I was left beaten
At the same place for two years
Against the same barricade
But I feel I am close
I will see the fear reshaped in the street light

I feel it is the beginning of a new period in my life
I need to sort out the secrets and the demons
to pull you to the quicksand
And when you get there
I will get there, to myself
If you wait for me

I stood in distant places
Until I wanted to return
On those bridges I have burnt
Time will not pass
But I feel it now
The emptiness shrinking in hunger
I feel the start....

Floating to the moon
People around me pull me down
This is the time to sober up
Will power
I wish you will stay

I feel the start......

Hebrew words

Amit Tzach
Amit Tzach
Amit Tzach
Yaron Ben Simhon

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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