Bakayitz hazeh til'beshi lavan
tach'shevi mach'shavot behirot
ulai tekabli michtav ahavah
ulai na'aseh bechirot

Ani ev'char bach ve'at bi tiv'chari
uveyachad nihyeh lerov
im bakayitz hazeh til'beshi lavan
vetitpaleli letov

Bakayitz hazeh til'beshi lavan
vekachah tetzi levalot
bakayitz hazeh na'aseh chatunah
viy'hi chelkech im hakalot

Ani ev'char...

Netze min hada'at bakayitz hazeh
ve'achar kach ned'a shalvah
yik'reh lanu nes bakayitz hazeh
im rak til'beshi lavan

Ani ev'char...


This summer wear white
think bright thoughts
maybe you'll get a love letter
maybe we'll make elections

I will vote for you and you will vote for me
and together we'll be a majority
if this summer you'll wear white
and pray for good(ness)

This summer wear white
and go out this way
this summer we'll make a wedding
and your part will be with the brides

I will vote...

We will go out of our minds this summer
and after we'll know serenity
a miracle will happen to us this summer
if you only wear white

I will vote...

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Naomi Shemer
Naomi Shemer
Haparvarim & Hadudaim

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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