Ho ten li ko'ach
ho ten lishko'ach
mah mekabel adam
mah yesh lo ba'olam
k'shekol chayav hinam
reg'a shene'elam

Ho ten li ko'ach
ho ten lishko'ach
et hasikui hadal
bemis'chakei mazal
mi mit'bonen/mit'alem me'al
mi mit'anyen/lemi echpat bich'lal

Ki ben adam shekam
lemi hu amel
mah kvar kibel chinam
mah yekabel

Ho ten li ko'ach
ho ten lishko'ach
az mah im ani zocheh/zochah
az mah im ani bocheh/bochah
ki mah she'atid avar
mah mechakeh li kvar

Ki ben adam shekam...


Oh give me strength
oh let me forget
what does man receive
what does he have in the world
when all of his life is
a moment that disappears

Oh give me strength
oh let me forget
the meager chance
in the games of chance
who looks/ignores from above
who is interested/cares at all

Because a man that gets up
for whom does he toil
what did he already get for free
what will he get

Oh give me strength
oh let me forget
so what if I'm gaining
so what if I'm crying
for that which the future is past
what is already waiting for me

Because a man that gets up...

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Ehud Manor
Ariel Zilber
Ariel Zilber
Oif Simches
Zehava Ben, Shai Gabso, Chemi Rudner, Dana Berger, Ron Shoval, Liraz Charkhi, and others
Tzipi Cohen 1993
Line, Kids

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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