Tena'ane'i oti motek
tena'ane'i shehakol yetze mehamakom
at beseder, at yoda'at
kol kach beseder ad shi'amum
ani ra'ev lik'tzat inyan
shemashehu cham yetze mikan.

Tenashki oti motek
tachziki oti k'mo she'at ohevet
al tif'chadi, al titbayshi
lif'rok t'aguf ad ilapon
at lo yoda'at ech lehatchil
az boi ani ovil.

Tefaneni oti k'mo she'at yoda'at
veteshakri oti k'mo she'at yecholah
rak tesachki et hamis'chak hara shelach
o k'chi oti ad she'ekana.

Tefaneni oti motek
te'apeli oti k'mo she'at sonet
al tif'chadi, al titbayshi
latet k'tzat oneg lefanech
et ha'ofi ha'akshan shelach bachoshech
et haguf hamemotet et hamilim

Tefaneni oti k'mo she'at yoda'at...


Shake me sweetie
shake so everything will go out of place
you are fine, you know
so fine "up to boredom"
I'm hungry for a bit of a deal
so something warm will come from here.

Kiss me sweetie
hold me as you like
don't be scared, don't be shy
to unload the body till it faints
you don't know how to start
so come and I'll lead.

Have fun with me as you know how
and fool me as you are able to
just play your bad game
oh take me until I surrender.

Have fun with me sweetie
black me out as you hate to
don't be scared, don't be shy
to give a bit of pleasure in front of you
your stubborn character in the darkness
your body knocking over the words

Have fun with me as you know how...

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Eitan Glas
Rami Kleinstein
Rami Kleinstein
Say it Track 5
Meir Shem Tov
Meir Shem Tov

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