Afilu shekachah pit'om zeh nigmar,
chashavti she'od nedaber,
asit et atzmech lo shoma'at,
natat li lehitporer.
Metoch arimat hash'varim shebalev
asafti et mah shenish'ar,
milion pa'amim kvar amarti ohev,
yoter mizeh i efshar.

Tagidi mi yachol le'ehov otach yoter,
tagidi im yesh od ahavah bemakom acher.
Tagidi kvar nisiti hakol -
zeh lo over,
tagidi li rak im efshar le'ehov yoter.

Hayit amitit achshav at dimyon,
hafacht lechalom lavan,
ulai zeh bichlal lo koreh li,
az lamah ani od kan?
Im at lo levad -
matz'at lach acher,
kazeh she'otach yohav,
tagidi et zeh bish'tikah arukah,
asi shezeh lo yich'av.



Even if suddenly it ends like this,
I thought we'd still talk,
you pretended you didn't hear,
you let me crumble.
From the pile of fractures in the heart
I collected what was left,
a million times I already said "I love..."
more than this isn't possible.

Tell me, who can love you more,
tell me, if there's love in another place.
Tell me, I already tried it all -
it doesn't pass,
tell me only if it's possible to love more.

You were real now you're an image,
you turned into a white dream,
maybe it's not happening to me at all
so why am I still here?
If you're not alone -
you found yourself another,
one that will love you,
tell me this in a long silence,
make it so it won't hurt.

Tell me...

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Yosi Gispan
Shimon Bouskilah
Lior Narkis
Ze Mehalev - It's From the Heart Track 3
Israel Shiker
Israel Shiker

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