Suru, suru meni(mimeni)
yagon, kad'rut umach'shavah
hen chay ani, chay odeni
shechar eshteh ve'ahavah.

Lechayech, yafati, achoti hak'tanah.
Umachar yisa'eni gal,
el yode'a anah.

Galim galim, hen zehu yam.
Chevel, kevel, zohi s'finah
Cheresh, kevesh, zohi sefinah
ach li (at)ahuvah, gam po gam sham
achat/meltzari tznu'ah, sh'niyah p'rutzah.

Lechayech, yafati..

Shechar shechar eshteh hayom
ki/umachar yochluni hadagim
la'azazel hakol! Hen zeh hayom/ein li makom
sultanit, mel'tzar(i tznu'ah) ushnei logim

Lechayech, yafati..


Move, move away from me
distress, gloom and a thought
why, I'm alive, I'm still alive
I shall drink up beer and love.

To smile, my beautiful, my little sister.
And tomorrow a wave shall take me,
God knows where.

Waves, waves, why, that's the sea.
rope, cable, that's a ship
softly, sloping, that's a ship
but I have (you're my)beloved, here and there too
one/my stewart is modest, a second one a loose woman.

To smile, my beautiful...

Today I shall drink beer
because/and tomorrow the fish shall eat me
damn all to hell! Why, this is the day I have no room
A Sultan queen, my stewart(modest) and two logs

To smile, my beautiful...

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Also sung by:
Tzlilei Ha'ud
Tzlilei Hakerem
Uri Zohar
Rovi Chen

Alexander Pen
Folk - Russian Arragement: Ronny Peterson
Nati Levi
Ron Shoval
Gidi Gov
Zehava Ben

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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