Uvalelot hakolot haro’ashim
kvar mitkasim bacheder hagadol
Tarud hasheket hapotze’a
Hakirot hachalonot
hamatza’im halevanim
Tov’im mimeni lesaper
Et ma she’ani yode’a
Ukechol shehem sogrim
umitkarvim elai le’at
Chokrim mevarerim
lo mitbayshim lachsof
Ani matchil ledaber
Mesaper hakol kim’at
Tzochek ve’az boche
Ani mevin sheze hasof

Hu kvar kan
Hu mechake
Lo mefached kol kach tahor
Oti kvar lo tzarich lish’ol
Ani eshbor et hachomot
Otan baniti beyadai
Hasof kvar kan
Ani ekach oto elai
Yihye li tov
Yihye li tov basof

Veze mafchid oti lachshov
Al metzukot lo mutzdakot
shelo azvu af ledaka
Shelo natnu lehipared
Omnam hirshu li le’ehov
rak ledakot sfurot
Ve’az chazru elai karov
velo natnu lehitkarev
Bachadarim uvadmama
ani matzati li miklat
Kdey livro’ach
Ani lo motze makom acher
Vehem hikshivu lekoli
hem hayu li lemiflat
Hayom ani yode’a
sham lamadeti ledaber

Hu kvar kan………


At night, the noisy voices
gather in the large room
The wounding silence is busy
The walls, the windows,
the white bed linen
Demand of me to tell
What I know
The more they close in
and slowly get closer to me
Investigating, clarifying,
are not ashamed to reveal
I start talking
I reveal nearly all of it
I laugh and then I cry
I understand it is the end

It is already here
Waiting for me
Not scared, it is so pure
Doesn’t need to ask me anymore
I will break the barriers
The ones I have built up with my own hands
The end is here
I will take it to me
I will be ok
I will be ok at the end

It frightens me to think
About unjustified distresses
which didn’t leave me for a minute
This didn’t let me say good bye
I was allowed to love
only for a few moments
Then they came back closer to me
and did not allow closeness
I found shelter in the rooms
and the silence
To escape
I can’t find another place
They listen to my voice,
they were my refuge
Today I know,
I learnt to speak then

It is already………..

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Harel Skaat
Ilai Botner
Harel Skaat
Dmooyot - Figures - 2009 Track 2
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Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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