Zeh lo hageshem shezoleg mitoch einai
zo lo haru'ach shenoshevet al panai
ani niz'keret eich halachta acharai
ve'eich hayom atah yotze mitoch chayai

Ani shoka'at lenafshi ein od motza
eini yoda'at im tashuv bechazarah
ani pochedet me'atzmi ani modah
od me'at ani nish'beret uvochah

Zehu sipur kazeh machur,
yacholta lihyot yoter barur
ani adam k'mo kulam,
achat mibein kol ha'olam.
Zeh lo over, zeh od chozer,
hafachta lihyot adam acher
kazeh galui ve'lo tzafui,
bemah zeh kvar achshav talui

Ani cholemet bemakom bo hatikvah
oti zovet motzi'ah oti mimcha
lo mitzta'eret im ani achshav bochah
hadma'ot sheli yardu gam bishvilcha

Zehu sipur kazeh machur...


Its not the rain that is streaming from my eyes
Its not the wind coming on my face
I remember how you followed me
And how you go out of my life today

I'm going down alone, there is no other way out.
I dont know if you answer back
I think i'm afraid of myself
Soon i'll break and cry

It's such a sold out story
you could be more clearer
I'm human like everyone else
One Understand the whole world
It hasn't passed, It comes back more
You became someone else
So visible and unexpected
On who it already depends now

I'm dreaming about a place of hope
I'm picking up myself from you
I dont regret it if I cry now
that also my tears fell for you

It's such a sold out story...

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Yaron Cohen
Yaron Cohen
Maya Buskila

Words transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Words translated by Toren of Tehran, Iran.
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