Kochavim me'irim aleinu achshav
tevak'shi mish'alah nafal od kochav
tziporim me'aleinu kor'ot et hastav
va'ani menaseh lalechet

Simanim shel tikvah veye'ush
mitmaz'gim bein ahavah lerigush
zeh hazman at yoda'at, at vadai shoma'at
et hashir shekatavti lach etmol

Simanim shel shalechet ve'at achshav holechet
el makom shehayah beineinu chom va'ahavah
tish'tani lema'aneinu od yavo aleinu
od chalom yit'gashem beineinu

Kochavim me'irim et darkeinu achshav
tevak'shi mish'alah nish'ar od kochav
me'aleinu shamaim k'chulim beintaim
zeh siman shetzarich lalechet

Simanim shel shalechet...


Stars light up upon us now
make a wish, another star fell
birds above us call the autumn
and I'm trying to go

Signs of hope and despair
merging between love and emotion
this is the time you know, you surely hear
the song that I wrote you yesterday.

Signs of falling of leaves and you are going now
to a place that was warms and love between us
change for us, and it will yet come to us
another dream will come true between us

Stars light up our paths now
make a wish, another star remains
above us is a blue sky meanwhile
it's a sign that one needs to go

Signs of falling of leaves...

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Harel Moyal
Harel Moyal
Harel Moyal
Harel Moyal Track 2

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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