Mi zocher umi yode'a
et haderech el beiti
mi asher koli shome'a
hu yavo habaitah iti
anenei notzah mime'al
vehashelef leraglai
vedin'dun pa'amon hapele
hashomer tamid alai

Ei misham, shar lo baderech
ei misham, shar pa'amon
ei misham, shuvah habaitah
bazman hanachon!

Im shachachti et haderech
hamukeret mishanim
po vasham betzad haderech
nish'aru li simanim:
chetz echad hineh shalu'ach
metzuyar begir lavan,
lech lech achar haru'ach
shtei psi'ot varev'a mikan!

Ei misham...

Mach'tzevah betzad haderech
ve'aleiha tzel ilan
uve'er achat o shtaim
li le'ot ulesiman
ez achat sh'chorah kalailah
halochechet et hasichim
rak lemeitivei halechet
hashvilim halalu p'tuchim

Ei misham...

Lo levad ani baderech
haholechet el beiti
yesh chaver echad o shnaim
shehol'chim habaitah iti
uvashemesh hashoka'at
bedin'dun pa'amonim
hem yed'u lefane'ach
li et kol hasimanim

Ei misham...


Who remembers and who knows
the way to my house
whoever hears my voice
wil come home with me
clouds of a feather from above
and the stubble by my feet
and chime of the watchtower of wonder
that always keeps guard over me

Somewhere out there, singing on the road
somewhere out there, a watchtower sings
somewhere out there, return home
at the right time!

If i forgot the way
known to me for years
here and there on the side of the road
I'm left with signs:
one arrow is sent here
painted with white chalk,
go go after the wind
two and a quarter paces from here!

Somewhere out there...

Quarry on the side of the road
and on it is the shade of a tree
and one or two wells
are a mark and a sign
one goat as black as the night
that is chewing the bushes
only to the benefactors of the galaxy
are these paths are open

Somewhere out there...

I'm not alone on the road
that goes to my house
there's a friend or two
that are going home with me
and in the setting sun
with a chime of watchtowers
they will know to decode for me
all the signs

Somewhere out there...

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Naomi Shemer
Naomi Shemer
Naomi Shemer
Yehoram Gaon
Tal Segev & Yehoram Gaon

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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