Hi hitchatnah vehi me’usheret,
Lamrot sheba’alah hayah min shed vapereh
Kol hazman metzuvrach kavu’a,
Vehu afilu lo omer madu’a
Shalosh shanim she’hi mekabelet
Migever zar mitachat delet
Michtavei shirah eleiha
Hem me’irim et alumeiha

Mi zeh kotev lach yaldonet d'galim mi shole’ach?
Zer prachim sagol k'sheha’aviv pore’ach
Mi bat'shi’i bechol November
Bli b'rachah, bli shem o remez
Shole’ach lach sigaliot bezer kashur beseret

Leilot shlemim she’hi lo nirdemet
Alav bahakitz hi cholemet
Hu betach gever im lev romanti
Neshamah tovah vechiyuch simpati
Shalosh shanim hi sovelet besheket
Ken lif’amim hi kim'at tzo’eket
Umah im ba’alah yode’a
Hi mastirah et michtaveiha

Mi zeh...

K'sheba’alah chozer habaitah
Ayef me'avodah zorek mabat sho’el lematah
Hu lo omer ken hu yode’a
Im ted'a betach tishtage’a
Ken zeh hu shekotev eleiha
Hu ha’ahuv hu chalomoteiha
Umah im ba’ala yode’a
Hi mastirah et michtaveiha

Mi zeh...


She got married and she is happy
In spite of her husband being wild
He's constantly in a bad mood
And even doesn’t say why
For the last three years, she receives
Under the door, from an unknown man,
Letters of poetry to her
They lighten up her youth.

Who is writing to you, girl, who sends you flags?
A bunch of purple flowers when spring comes
Who, every ninth of November,
With no name, greeting or hint,
Sends you a wreath of violets tied with a bow?

The whole night she can't fall asleep
She daydreams about him
Probably a man with a romantic heart,
Good soul and simpatico smile
For three years she has been suffering in silence
Yes sometimes she nearly screams
And what if her husband found out?
She hides her letters

Who is...

When her husband comes home
Tired from work, throws a questioning glance
He doesn’t say anything,but he knows,
If she knew she would go crazy
Yes, it’s him that writes to her,
He is the lover, he is the subject of her dreams
And what if her husband found out?
She hides her letters.

Who is...


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Hebrew: Yehonatan Geffen
David Broza
Lior Farchi
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Naftaly Kadosh

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