Kol haleilot otcha chalamti
ve'et hayamim lecha nishb'ati
bechol mah sheyesh li
lecha eten
gam im ko'ev, tamid balev

Hasiri dim'ah mitoch einaich
gam ani baleilot choshev alaich
vechol zeh koreh li
zeh ba veholech
eich hasheket hores
umas'ir et halev

At shoveret galim
she'otach hem menatz'lim
ve'atah sagur bachaim
lo noten sibah leha'amin
az bo'i venimtza
et darkeinu yachdav
venarim et rasheinu
el yom hamachar
vened'a ledaber
gam ani ve'atah
k'mo gal sheyored
el hachof bish'tikah

Big'lal ga'avati hameshaga'at
she'lo natnah lehitkarev ve'at yoda'at
she'lach lo siparti
ad kamah ohev
eich saraf li balev
k'mo gechal shebo'er

Ba'aviv hash'kediah lecha porachat
vehashemesh techamem she'hi zorachat
atah po chaser li
lehasir bi ke'ev
shenish'ar li balev
ki otcha hu ohev

At shoveret galim...



All the nights I dreamed of you
and I swore the days to you
everything that I have
I will give you
even if it hurts, always in my heart

Remove the tear from within your eyes
I too think of you at night
and all this happnes to me
it comes and goes
oh how the silence destroys
and enrages my heart

You break the waves
that use you
and you are closed in on life
you don't give a reason to believe
so come and we'll find
our path together
and raise our heads
to tomorrow's day
and we'll know how to speak
you and I too
like a wave that comes down
to the shore in silence

Because of my maddening pride
that didn't let me get close and you know
that I did not tell you
how much I love (you)
oh how it burned in my heart
like a scorching coal

In spring the almond tree blooms for you
and the sun will warm (us) as it shines
I'm missing you here
to remove the pain in me
that's left in my heart
because it loves you.

You break waves...

Hebrew words

Yosi Ben David
Yosi Ben David & Roni Achiel
Yoav Yitzchak & Meital Tal

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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