Shoshanat Yaakov tzahala v'samecha,
Birotam yachad techelet Mordechai.
Teshuatam hayita lanetzach,
Vetikvatam b'chol dor vador.

Lehodiya shekol kovecha
Lo yevoshu, velo yicalmu
Lanetzach kol hachosim bach.

Arur Haman asher bikesh le'abdi,
Baruch Mordechai hayehudi.
Arurah Zeresh, eshet mafchidi,
Beruchah Esther ba'adi,
V'gam charvonah zachor latov.


The Jews of Shushan beamed with joy
when they beheld Mordechai robed in royal blue.
You, G-d, have always been our deliverance,
our hope in every generation.

Those who place their hope in You
will never be ashamed.
Those who trust in You will never be confounded.

Cursed be Haman, who sought to destroy us;
Blessed be Mordechai the Jew.
Cursed be Zeresh, the wife of our persecutor;
blessed be Esther, our protector.
And may Charvonah also be remembered for good.

שושנת יעקב

Hebrew words

This translation is from the Siddur 'Sim Shalom' for weekdays.
Note from the Siddur:
"Shoshanat Ya'akov is the concluding section of the poem, Asher Heni, an anonymous acrostic dating to early medieval times. It became the widely accepted custom to recite this poem on Purim, celebrating G-d's deliverance of our people from the clutches of evil."
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Words transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Words translated by Gina Chodirker of Winnipeg, Manitoba , Canada.
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