?ch' al?ksi san pedh?
ke ?cha irem?si
n?'me pist?s ilikrin?
?ch' apofas?si
ma ?rthan ke su ?pane
pos p?li trigirn?o
?mos eg? st'ork?zome
?li dhen akub?o

ps?mata ya m?na l?ne
ps?mata ya m?na
dh?kse mu ebistos?ni
min ak?s kan?na
ps?mata ya m?na l?ne
ke sikofand?es
th?lun na mas bl?ksun
se kuv?ndes k'istor?es

?muna ?sichos pol?
?muna sta kal? mu
?ch' al?ks' ilikrin?
ti siberifor? mu
ma ?rthan ke su ?pane
krif? pos ksenicht?o
ky'?tan s'af?no sp?ti su
os to pro? yirn?o



This lad had changed -
I had calmed down
I had truly decided
to be faithful
but they came and told you
that I'm on the prowl again
but I swear to you
I'm not touching anyone else

they tell lies about me -
lies about me
show trust in me
don't listen to anyone
they tell lies about me
and slander me
they want to involve us
in gossip and rumours

I had really settled down
I was feeling well
I had truly changed
my behaviour
but they came and told you
that I secretly go out all night
and after I take you to your home
I'm on the prowl until dawn

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Hebrew (transliteration)    English (from the Hebrew version)

Pdf courtesy Martin Splitter of ImageWorks Melbourne, Australia

Greek title and links by Malka Tischler of New York, USA

Hebrew lyrics thanks to Ruth P Schoenberg & Malka Tischler of New York, USA

Malka writes: "Ahava Balev is the Hebrew take on the song - it's really good. As often happens in Israeli vs. Greek lyrics, the Israeli ones are wholesome and
idealistic, the Greek kind of gloomy. In Greek, it's about lying."
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Vangelis Konstandinitis
Girisa Ton Hrono Piso Track 2
Roberto Haddon 2002

Words transliterated and translated by Costas Lambropoulos & Roberto Haddon of London, UK.
Portuguese translation by Helena Wajsfels Zins of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Hebrew transliteration and translation by Malka Tischler of New York USA
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Hebrew (transliteration)


Yesh ka'eileh shecholmim al motarot v'shefa
V'yesh ka'eileh sherotzim l'hitasher b'rega
Aval ani adam pashut, el hachayim nigashti
Matzati li pina chama v'sach hakol bikashti:

Ten li ahava balev v'ten lihyot samei'ach.
Ten li n'shama tova v'lev sherak solei'ach.
Ten li et hasavlanut v'ten li et hako'ach
Et hatov tamid lizkor v'et hara lishko'ach.

Bein hachalom l'higayon rak ashlaya overet
Hi mistateret badimyon v'lifamim chozeret
Ani shochei'ach b'kalut et kol ma shechalamti
Bocher lalechet ad hasof baderech shesalalti.


English (from the Hebrew version)


There are those who dream of luxury and abundance
And there are those who want to get rich in a minute
But I'm a simple person. I approached life,
found myself a warm corner, and all I ask for is:

Give me love in the heart, and let me be happy
Give me a good soul and a heart that only forgives
Give me the patience and the strength
To always remember the good, and forget the bad

Between dream and logic, only illusion passes
It hides within the imagination and sometimes returns
I easily forget all that I've dreamed of
And choose to go all the way on the road I've paved




Esse cara aqui mudou
Me tranq?ilizei,
sinceramente decidi
passar a ser fiel.
Mas foram te contar
que ando paquerando de novo.
Eu juro pr? voc?
n?o "fiquei" com nenhuma outra.

Contam mentiras a meu respeito
mentiras a meu respeito
Mostre que confia em mim,
n?o d? ouvidos a qualquer um.
Contam mentiras a meu respeito
e me difamam
Querem ? envolver-nos
em mexericos e boatos.

Eu sosseguei de verdade
estou me sentindo bem
Sinceramente mudei
meu comportamento.
Mas foram te contar
que saio escondido toda noite
depois que te deixo em casa,
que fico paquerando at? o amanhecer.

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