Az beveit hasefer
Al hakir tmunah
Vehaykar choresh ba
Et ha’adamah
Uvareka habroshim
Shmei sharav chivrim
Haykar yatzmiach lanu lechem
Shenihyieh gdolim.

Vehamorah omeret:
“Od meat kvar Stav”.
Beshiur Moledet
Hi mar’ah chatzav.
Hayoreh yavo achshav,
shefa tipotav
kevilon shakuf al pnei ha’emek
hapores sdotav.

Kach ze hayah, pashtut rakah,
ze hytztayer beyaldutenu
shehayitah yafah.

Vekach, bedimionenu hitrabu pla’ot
Hapatishim nigenu
Machreshot ranot
Yesh kormim veyesh yogvim
Eretz shel ro’im –
Kach ze hitztayer beyaldutenu
Shehayitah yafah.



Then, at school,
on the wall, a picture
and the farmer plows
the soil in it.
In the background, the cypresses,
Pale hot-wind’s sky.
The farmer will make grow bread for us,
So we will grow.

And the teacher says:
“Soon it will be Autumn”
On Homeland Lesson
She shows us a sea squill.
Now the first rain will come,
Plenty of its drops,
Like a transparent curtain over the valley,
And its scattered fields.

So it was, tender simplicity,
It was depicted in our childhood,
that was beautiful.

An so, in our imagination, the wonders multiplicated.
hammers made music
Plows sang.
There are vine-dressers and farmers,
A land of shepards –
So it was depicted in our childhood,
that was beautiful.

Hebrew words
Singable Italian   

The song might be intended as the remembrance of the first lesson of the year in a first or second grade classroom. The season is Israeli late Summer (September). Shiur Moledet (Homeland Lesson) mean A lesson in "Know your Land". The teacher explains to the yougsters the coming of Autumn, with the classic Isreaeli signs of it: The chatzav (sea squill) a typical blossom of the hot Mediterranean areas, and the Yoreh (Hebrew name of the First Rain of the season), which is preceeded by the hot wind (hebrew=sharav, Arab=chamsin) of the late Summer. In the Italian translation I substituted them with the italian Autumn signs: chestnuts and vintage.

Eli Mohar is the son of Yechiel Moar (Mul Har Sinai).
Ephraim Shamir, the composer, was in Kaveret Group. He performed the song as solo, with the group accompaniment (see discographic link).

Eli Mohar
Ephraim Shamir
Ephraim Shamir
Tzafoof Baozen Track 6

Words transliterated and translated by Daniel Shalev of Rishon Le Zion, Israel.
Singable Italian translation by Daniel Shalev of Rishon Le Zion, Israel.
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Singable Italian


Alle Elementari,
in un quadretto, l?
ara il contadino,
per i campi va.
Cipressi sullo sfondo
in cielo il sole tondo,
il contadino ci dar? del pane
e noi crescerem.

La maestra, alla lavagna,
“L’Autunno - Fa - E’ con noi”
ci mostra una castagna,
un tino, il vino e poi
la prima pioggia c’?,
mille gocce che
stenderanno un velo trasparente
sulla valle d’or.

Tenera et?, Semplicit?,
come un disegno di bambini,
era tanto bello, sai.

In quei tempi belli:
suonavano i martelli
e l’aratro una canzon.
Vigne coi fattori.
Greggi coi pastori,
come in un disegno di bambini,
era tanto bello, sai.

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